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Tue, 07 Aug 2018
7:27 am
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“Donate blood for Yuk!” It seems that this phrase is often heard in our daily lives. But, have we ever done it? Some people may have, at least once in their lives donating their blood, Meanwhile there are still many people who “have not dared” to donate their blood. There are many reasons why some people do not want or cannot because of several factors such as health factors.
For those of us who are indeed qualified to do donors, it means we are given the opportunity to share goodness with others because every drop of blood that we donate will provide opportunities for life for those in need. Besides being very helpful for others, it is also beneficial for the health of the donor himself. The body will produce new blood after the blood is taken.
Now to do donors do not have to go far to PMI, we from the ITS Library always include “Blood Donors” in the series of OPEN HOUSE events that are routinely carried out every year. The event was held for two days starting today (05/09), until tomorrow (06/09).
Today, the euphoria of donors coming to the library continues to flow. In addition to students, several ITS employees themselves also succeeded in the event which only lasted for two days.
“Rather than going far to PMI, I’d better be a donor here. Hopefully this donor event is routinely held in the ITS environment, so that we can also routinely “give alms”, Andri said from the SKK after conducting a blood donor that afternoon.
Even the Head of the ITS Library, Mr. Edy Suprayitno also became a donor that afternoon. After queuing together with students who want to become donors to conduct several test stages to see if they are qualified as donors, again, don’t be afraid of blood donations. Come immediately to the ITS Library, or if this event ends you can go directly to the nearest PMI office or the blood donor unit car or other blood donor units closest to your home. Remember that a drop, remember, is not a bag but our blood test can save a person’s life

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