29 Agustus 2019, 10:08

ITS & Microsoft Azure Gives $100 Credits free for Lecturer and Students

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[DPTSI News]

Dear Mr / Ms Head of Department,

Please pass this information on to lecturers and students in the department.

In order to complement the academic infrastructure by utilizing Information Technology, ITS provides access to Microsoft Azure for all lecturers and students, both for research and learning purposes. Microsoft Azure provides many free software and resource development tools to lecturers and students.

For development tools, each lecturer and student gets a $ 100 free default credit that can be used for a year.

How to access Microsoft Azure?
Go to integra.its.ac.id/app.php and select Microsoft Azure. Login with myITS SSO.

If there are any questions, you can ask via servicedesk.its.ac.id and then choose DPTSI.

Hopefully you can make the best use of this service.

Best regards,

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