02 Mei 2019, 16:05

The Launching of myITS Wali Application and SIM Prestasi

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On April 30, 2019, ITS introduced 2 new services namely myITS Wali and SIM Prestasi. myITS Wali service is a mobile app intended for parents / guardians to know the academic development of their children. myITS Wali was developed by the Directorate of Technology and Information System Development (DPTSI) and it is the third generation application of the myITS mobile apps that has previously launched, namely myITS Dosen (for lecturers) and myITS Mahasiswa (for students). myITS Wali is expected to make ITS closer to important stakeholders in ITS, especially for student parents / guardians.

SIM Prestasi is a SIM for data collection on student achievements conducted independently by students. Student achievement data is one of the important inputs for institutions for various needs, especially accreditation. With the SIM Prestasi initiated by the ITS Student Directorate, it is expected that the management of student achievement data will be more effective and efficient.

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