21 November 2017, 16:11

Workshop e-Perkantoran for the Leader and Staff of TU in FTK ITS Environment

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In connection to the plan of implementation of the SIM e-Perkantoran in an integrated and comprehensive organization of administration and governance efforts in the ITS for FTK will held a workshop of e-Perkantoran for the leader and staff of TU in the environment FTK ITS on 22-23 November 2017.

The materials for workshop e-Perkantoran space for the leader and staff of TU in FTK ITS Environment can be downloaded here:

  1. Guide To Setting Up Email: Leadership
    -in Outlook, download here
    -in the e-Office, download here
    -the HP Android, download here
    -in Macbook, download here
  2. Guide e-office space for ITS employees, download here
  3. Guide to Office 365, links


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