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KP Briefing Activities at PUI Creative DesignIn order to support the activities of the PDPM Study Center “Poll on the Figure of Regional Leaders in Regencies/Cities in East Java” in collaboration with Jawa Pos Media Televisi (JTV), PDPM opens opportunities for students by opening the “Work Internship” program. This internship was attended by 2016 and 2017 ITS students for 3 months from January – March 2020. The internship participants this time consisted of 6 students who were divided into 3 groups. Each group consists of 2 people and will do an internship for a full month.
The activities carried out are to help validate data entries from survey results, create a database of entry results, and analyze data. The results of data analysis will later become important information to be published as survey results.
This internship provides experience in directly applying the theory in the course into real-world activities. Students practice using real data from survey results where later the analysis results will be processed into important and accurate information for the general public. After the work internship process is complete, they will receive a certificate and a certificate that can be used as a provision for work experience or fill out the Student Extracurricular Credit Unit (SKEM) for those who are still students.

Image: the initial briefing activity for the division of tasks for all work intern participants.

Not only doing activities at the PDPM office, interns have the opportunity to see firsthand press release publications at the JTV office with journalists from various media, sources from ITS and other sources related to this activity.

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