Recipients of the Postgraduate Scholarship Assistance Program for Researchers (BPUP) and the 2020 Research Assistant Program (PAP)

Mon, 07 Feb 2022
5:54 pm

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The following is the ITS Chancellor’s Decree regarding Recipients of the Phase 1 Research Assistant Implementation Program (PAP) in 2020 and the ITS Chancellor’s Decree concerning Recipients of Postgraduate Scholarship Assistance for Researchers (BPUP) Phase 1 of 2020

If it is not already in the list of attachments to the decree, you can register at:

Registration for Postgraduate Scholarships for Researchers (BPUP)

Registration for the Implementation of Research Assistants (PAP)



  1. SK Rektor ttg Penerima Bantuan Beasiswa Pascasarjana Utk Peneliti (BPUP) Tahap 1 2020
  2. SK Rektor ttg Penerima Program Penyelenggaraan Asisten Penelitian (PAP)

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