PDPM ITS Holds First Meeting of Gresik City Inflation Calculation Activities with Bappeda and Gresik City BPS

Mon, 07 Feb 2022
4:55 pm

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Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM) – DRPM ITS held the inaugural meeting of the Gresik City Inflation Calculation Activity on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Discussions were held online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. This inaugural meeting discussed the Gresik city’s inflation calculation plan that will be carried out by PDPM ITS. The inflation rate is usually carried out by BPS. However, due to a government regulation that prevented Bappeda from working directly with BPS, Bappeda finally collaborated with PDPM ITS to help analyze the calculations issued by BPS.

This coordination meeting was attended by the head of the PDPM Study Center, Dr. Sutikno, M.Si, representatives of Bappeda Gresik, Mr. Miko Herlambang and Mr. Hidayat and representatives of bps Gresik, Mr. Satriyo Wibowo and Mrs. Indarwati. BPS said that the calculation of inflation in 2021 will use the base year 2018. The grouping of expenditures has changed to 18 groups. Currently, BPS is preparing a questionnaire and then going to the field to get monthly data. The survey and calculation of inflation are planned to be carried out by BPS, while the dashboard and analysis will be carried out by PDPM ITS. Inflation data is planned to be released every month.

Bappeda Gresik said that what is needed is dynamic data that can be viewed directly per month in the form of a dashboard as well as reports related to Gresik’s inflation conditions every month. Later, Bappeda Gresik will assist in requesting the data needed for calculating inflation to the relevant OPD. Every month a coordination meeting will be held between ITS, BPS and Bappeda before the inflation figures are released. Meanwhile, every quarter, Bappeda, BPS and ITS will hold a quarterly meeting with the DPRD to discuss the rate of inflation per 3 months and determine what policies should be taken after the inflation figures are out.

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