PDPM Installs Solar Cell Panels for Hydroponic Planting Media in Hydroponic Village Simomulyo Village

Mon, 07 Feb 2022
3:46 pm

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Friday and Saturday, 19-20 March 2021, the Center for Regional Potential Studies and Community Empowerment (PDPM)-DRPM ITS installed panels and hydroponic planting media in Hydroponic Village RT 08 RW 07 Simokalangan Village, Simomulyo Village, Surabaya City. This activity is a series of ITS mentoring activities in the Hydroponic Village. Cooperation between Pelindo III and PDPM ITS. This installation was carried out by 7 electrical students led by Feby Agung Pamuji, ST., MT., Ph.D Lecturer of the ITS Electrical Department.

Design of an automatic hydroponic system based on solar energy.

The background of installing an automatic hydroponic system based on solar energy is the wasteful use of electricity in hydroponic growing media. Hydroponic growing media requires continuous pump operation. So it requires a large amount of electricity every month. Based on the calculation of the cost of goods sold by Mr. Nugroho and members of the Hydroponic Village, the cost of electricity is quite large. With the installation of a hydroponic system based on solar energy, electricity costs can be reduced. With this automatic system, the pump will turn on automatically, effectively and efficiently. Pump ignition can be adjusted according to need. Within 24 hours, the pump can be set to run how many times and how long (minutes) the pump is running. This arrangement will be adjusted to the needs and field conditions. The PDPM team will monitor and assist for pump start-up settings. Residents of the hydroponic village will be taught how to set up pumps, check and maintain pumps.

ITS students install solar cells on the roof of Mr. Nugroho’s house

Prisma, one of the students involved in the design and installation of solar cell panels, said there were no difficulties in this installation. Because he has experience designing and installing solar cells in several places. What needs to be considered is the checking and maintenance of solar cells. So that these solar cells can be durable and optimal in generating electrical energy. During the mentoring process, the PDPM team will assist the residents of the hydroponic village in checking and maintaining solar cells and hydroponic water pumps.

Pak Nugroho, the Head of the Hydroponic Village, hopes that the automatic hydroponic system based on solar energy in the Hydroponic Village will make the residents enthusiastic and enthusiastic. So that Simomulyo Village can become a center for learning and selling hydroponic plants. This is in accordance with the vision and mission of the residents of the Hydroponic Village who want to make the Hydroponic Village a hydroponic plant-based edutourism. This is in line with ITS’s plan to make this Hydroponic Village a research laboratory. Including for the implementation and development of an automatic hydroponic system based on solar energy.

ITS students pose in hydroponic growing media and solar cell panels


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