Recruitment of Collaborative Community Service Program for East Java Cares for Semeru

Sun, 06 Feb 2022
9:51 pm

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Open Recruitment

KKN Collaboration of PTN Jatim Cares for Semeru (Wave 1: 20 December 2021 – 20 January 2022)

Requirements for ITS Students:
1. Have never participated in ITS KKN in any scheme
2. Registered as an active student class 2019 or 2018
3. Physically and mentally healthy
4. Have received two doses of vaccination
5. Get permission from parents
6. Pass the selection stage

1. Departure from Surabaya
2. Only for 30 people
3. Join other PTN students, at the Joint Post for PTN Jatim Peduli in Lumajang
4. Transportation costs, meal allowances and program fees are provided.
5. Registration no later than December 15, 2021 via

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