PDPM ITS : NTP (Farmers’ Exchange Rate) Tuban 2021 Improves

Sun, 06 Feb 2022
10:02 pm

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On December 4, 2021, the Center for the Study of Regional Potential and Community Empowerment (PDPM) ITS attended the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) of the Final Report on the Evaluation of the Tuban Regency NTP (Farmers Exchange Rate) Document Evaluation in 2021 which was organized by the Tuban Regency Bappeda. The purpose of the FGD was to discuss the development of the Tuban Regency Farmer’s Exchange Rate in 2021 as well as the preparation of recommendations for the Tuban Regency agricultural sector. Tuban Regency is one of the 38 regencies/cities in East Java Province which makes agriculture one of the main livelihoods of its population. This is indicated by the area of agricultural land in Tuban Regency reaching 183,994,562 Ha.

The FGD, which was held by Bappeda of Tuban Regency, was attended by Dr. Sutikno, M.Si as the head of PDPM ITS and Dr. Setiawan, MS as an expert and chairman of the evaluation of the Tuban Regency NTP evaluation; as well as various other agencies within the government of Tuban Regency such as several sub-district heads, BPS Tuban Regency and 9 other OPDs in Tuban Regency. Dr. Setiawan, MS said that the Tuban Regency Farmer’s Exchange Rate in 2021 showed an improving trend. This is indicated by the NTP figures for all sub-sectors which reach more than 100, meaning that farmers in Tuban Regency experience a surplus or the selling price of agricultural commodities produced by farmers is greater than the costs required for household consumption costs.

The head of the Tuban Bappeda, Agung Triwibowo, S.E., M.M said that to help improve the welfare of farmers, the Tuban district government is currently trying to build a production house in the agricultural area of ​​Tuban Regency. The processed production house will later help package and market agricultural products. Dr. Sutikno, M.Si said that it is necessary to increase agricultural industrialization and investment in food crop processing, not only in providing seeds so that agricultural processed products do not fall when they are resold. (dw)

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