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Business Management Department of ITS Inaugurates Double Degree Program with Saxion University

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Symbolic Inauguration of the Double Degree Program between Business Management (MB) Department ITS and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Friday (23/2)

ITS Campus, ITS News —Business Management (MB) Department of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has successfully made another international recognition. MB ITS and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, launched a double degree program in international finance and accounting on Friday (23/2).

The Program Director of Finance and Accounting in Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Dennis Vossen, explained that this collaboration is an evidence of his party’s commitment to open up study opportunities in the Netherlands for students worldwide. In addition, this opportunity will provide cultural diversity, which will be valuable for students.

Dennis continued that Saxion’s learning atmosphere can provide students with new experiences. A class system with no more than 30 students can facilitate communication between lecturers and students. “The interaction between them in class will be more intense and reduce the boundaries between them,” he added.

Besides, students will also have an excellent opportunity to continue their careers in the Netherlands. It can be seen in the opportunity to have internship for five months at firms and companies in the Netherlands and the post-study work visa students can have after graduation. “Of course, this will facilitate the opportunity to have a career after completing one year of study at Saxion,” he added.

Dennis looks forward that this collaboration will also gain the interest of Saxion students. This aims to enable Saxion students to undertake a similar double-degree program in Indonesia. “The efforts are currently being made so that both students from ITS and not only students from ITS and Saxion can study in the Netherlands and Indonesia,” he said.


Handing over tokens of appreciation from (left) Dr. Oec Syarifa Hanoum ST MT and Imam Baihaqi ST MSc PhD to Saxion Representatives, Prof. Dennis Vossen and Prof. Jeanet Nijland

In line with Dennis, The Head of Business Management (MB) Department ITS, Dr. Oec Syarifa Hanoum ST MT, explained that besides opening career opportunities in the Netherlands, this collaboration can also support the interests of students in finance and accounting. Students will receive in-depth material according to the fields and curriculum at Saxion. “For three years, students will receive similar material in ITS to the material in Saxion,” she said.

Syarifa sees that this step can welcome students’ diverse interests and talents and enrich their opportunities to work abroad. Moreover, she also looks forward that students can make the best use of this opportunity. “There is a great hope that they will be able to socialize well abroad and absorb new insights in the Netherlands,” she concluded warmly. (*)

Reporter: Ricardo Hokky Wibisono
Editor: Nurul Lathifah

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