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ITS Promotes Its Achievements through the National Electric Motorbike Event

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Tim STP Klaster Otomotif ITS bersama motor EV-A sebelum test drive di Sirkuit Senayan, Jakarta

ITS Automotive Cluster STP Team with an EV-A motorbike before a test drive at the Senayan Circuit, Jakarta

ITS Campus, ITS News – With proud achievements, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has once again made its name known in the automotive competition. This time, with its innovation related to electric-powered adventure motorbikes, the team from the ITS Automotive Cluster Science Technopark (STP) succeeded in becoming 3rd place in the 2023 PLN Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE) event which was held at the Senayan Circuit, Jakarta, Thursday (9/11).

ITS Automotive Cluster STP Manager Prof Dr. Bambang Sudarmanta ST MT revealed that the introduction of the adventure motorbike concept called EV-A was based on the fact that many communities wanted motorbikes that could be ridden both on the road and off the road. “Therefore, the ITS Automotive Cluster team combines the wishes of the community with energy-efficient motorbikes,” added the lecturer who is also the team’s supervisor.

The specifications for the motorbike were initiated by 10 ITS students, namely by prioritizing an energy management system that is capable of making the motorbike run a distance of 100 kilometers. Amazingly, with maximum distance, the motorbike does not overheat easily. “The time it takes to charge the motorbike battery is only four hours,” explained the lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

On the other hand, this dashing-looking motorbike also uses a Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 55.34 percent. This shows that more than 55 percent of the motorbike components come from within the country, so the selling price of the EV-A motorbike is more affordable compared to competitors. “Nevertheless, the performance provided remains optimal with a projected service life of 10 years,” said Bambang.

Desain rancangan dan realisasi motor EV-A karya tim STP Klaster Otomotif ITS yang mengedepankan sistem manajemen energi

The design and realization of the EV-A motorbike by the ITS Automotive Cluster STP team which prioritizes an energy management system

Other specifications for this motorbike are also adjusted to the needs and type of road traveled. For example, the gears on this motorbike are designed with a larger ratio than motorbikes in general. “This aims to ensure that drivers can remain safe when driving in mountainous areas,” he added.

During the competition process starting last June, the ITS team succeeded in securing the best position in the test drive session. By crossing the Senayan Circuit five times, the EV-A motorbike was able to complete the mission well in just 20 minutes out of the maximum time of 30 minutes determined by the committee without any damage. “This is what makes the EV-A motorbike superior to other participants,” he said.

Having secured 3rd place in this event, Bambang is also proud and hopes that this innovative EV-A motorbike can be further developed into a vehicle that is safe and perfect to drive. “Hopefully the EV-A motorbike will not only be a prototype, but can also be a means of cooperation so that the Vehicle Identification Number (NIK) can be issued, so that the motorbike can be mass produced,” concluded Bambang hopefully. (ITS Public Relations)

Reporter: Nabila Hisanah Yusri

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