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April 11, 2023 20:04

ITS Offers Benefits for UTBK-SNBT 2023 Participants

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Explanation of the UTBK components in the SNPMB SNBT route by Dr Ismaini Zain MSi (bottom right) via online

Campus ITS, ITS News – Approaching the closing of registration for the Computer-Based Writing Examination (UTBK) on April 14, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is again conducting socialization through the UTBK-SNBT 2023 Talkshow, Tuesday (11/4), online. On this occasion, ITS, as a test center, also offers various benefits for participants taking the exam at this Heroic Campus.

The Head of the ITS Public Communication Unit, Dr. Rahmatsyam Lakoro SSn MT, revealed that the first advantage of the location of the ITS UTBK center is the ease of access to transportation. The area of ITS, which is relatively close to Juanda Airport, Gubeng Station, and the Tambak Sumur Toll Road, makes it easy to reach various modes of transportation in Surabaya. “This is, of course, an advantage for participants from out of town,” said the lecturer, who is familiarly called Ramok.

Furthermore, Ramok said that participants who chose the UTBK center at ITS would take the test at the ITS Sukolilo campus, Surabaya. This is supported by the number of test locations of 18 points from 16 existing departments. A centralized test location on one campus makes it easier for participants to focus more on one area. “Because ITS provides many test locations, we can accommodate many test takers,” he said.

Dr. Rahmatsyam Lakoro SSn MT (bottom right) conveys the advantages of the ITS UTBK Center at the online UTBK-SNBT Talkshow 2023

Regarding facilities, continued Ramok, ITS provides 950 computers for UTBK participants in each session. A fast internet connection and air conditioning for the convenience of participants also support the exam room. More than that, ITS is also equipped with public facilities such as Ikoma Creative Co-Working Space, Central Canteen, and crewless i-Car transportation is also provided. “Participants can go around the campus with an i-Car after taking the UTBK test,” said the Department of Visual Communication Design (DKV) lecturer.

Ramok emphasized that participants don’t need to worry about accommodation because ITS offers several options at affordable prices and is located on campus. Two guest houses, namely Wisma Flamboyan and Wisma Bougenville, are located in the ITS housing complex. Apart from the guesthouse, the ITS student dormitory is also open for UTBK participants. “Dormitory Blocks G and H are for male UTBK participants, and Blocks I and J are for female participants,” he explained.

Several accommodation facilities are offered by ITS for UTBK participants who choose an exam location at the ITS UTBK Center

Regarding implementing UTBK, the Coordinator of Public Relations and Promotion of National Selection for New Student Admissions (SNPMB), Dr. Ismaini Zain MSi, said that information regarding descriptions, types of questions, and examples of questions for each UTBK subtest is available on the http://framework-snpmb.bppp.kemdikbud page.

In addition, participants are expected to pay attention to various types of questions, such as true or false, multiple choice, and yes or no. Ultimately, the ITS Statistics Department lecturer advised SNBT participants to prepare as best possible. “Focus on the type of questions because the time is quite short, and the substance of the questions is quite deep,” he ordered. (ITS PUBLIC RELATION)


Reporter: Aghnia Tias Salsabila

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