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Help Realize Dream Careers, ITS Students Design Drafta Indonesia

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Tim Drafta ITS raih Juara I Inovasi Wirausaha Digital Mahasiswa (IWDM) kategori Startup Tahap Bertumbuh pada ajang Kewirausahaan Mahasiswa Indonesia (KMI) Expo 2022

The ITS Drafta Team won 1st place in Student Digital Entrepreneurial Innovation (IWDM) in the Growth Stage Startup category at the Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI) Expo 2022 event.

ITS Campus, ITS News – Competition in the world of work after graduating from school or college is a phenomenon that will continue to increase every year, so it really needs to be a concern. Responding to this situation, a team of students from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) designed an innovative work in the form of a web-based application called Drafta Indonesia which is here to help solve this problem.

Drafta ITS team leader Syifa Alina Amri said that Drafta Indonesia offers services to companies by synchronizing the company’s criteria with the database owned by Drafta. “The Drafta Indonesia database was obtained based on the use of the project management feature to track all student competency activities that have been carried out,” he explained.

Tampilan website Drafta Indonesia, hasil rancangan tim Drafta ITS

Display of the Drafta Indonesia website, designed by the ITS Drafta team

Further, regarding the features mentioned, the Drafta project management is a digital workspace feature for organizations that oversee student organizational operations. This is intended so that progress tracking, fulfilment of to-do lists, agenda scheduling, and various other forms of collaboration can be recorded so that later student activities can be verified.

Reviewing the advantages of innovation, this hijab-wearing student revealed that Drafta Indonesia’s data processing is one of the best sides. This is because the Drafta team initiated a flow called passion-action-data-match. Namely talent adjustment based on data derived from student activities and behaviour. “Drafta wants the skills possessed to be truly described and not just based on mere claims,” he said.

Please note. Currently, several companies need valid guarantees in recruiting workers. Drafta Indonesia’s digital product has received a lot of positive responses because innovation is required from the apprenticeship stage to the entry-level.

Not a simple process. According to Syifa, the idea for Drafta Indonesia started with the anxiety of ITS students who were active during their studies and often applied for internships with their background. “Not only that, but several companies have shared the challenges they face in recruiting new workers with us,” he said.

Sharing the results of her research more deeply, said Syifa, it turns out that companies also find it difficult to accept them as new workers because it is challenging to validate the applicants’ qualifications. “This is also reflected in BPS (Central Statistics Agency) data which shows that the unemployment rate for university graduates is actually above the national unemployment rate,” he explained.

Furthermore, the Drafta team, which consists of five ITS Information Systems Department students, linked this concern to the idea of features and prototypes. “Currently, we have conducted 100 talent-matching for various job vacancies in dozens of companies,” he said.

Tampilan desain mobile Drafta Indonesia, rancangan dari tim Drafta ITS

Display of the Drafta Indonesia mobile design, designed by the ITS Drafta team

Thanks to this innovative design, the Drafta team has also achieved proud ITS achievements. Namely, the success of winning the 1st place title for Student Digital Entrepreneurial Innovation (IWDM) in the Growth Stage Startup category at the prestigious Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship Expo 2022 event some time ago.

Not just an idea, Syifa expressed her team’s great hope that Drafta Indonesia could continue and bring benefits to the labour industry in Indonesia. “Together with Drafta, we want Indonesian youth to be able to strengthen their steps towards their dream career from now on,” Syifa reiterated Drafta Indonesia’s vision. (ITS Public Relations)


Reporter: Faadhillah Syhab Azzahra

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