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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
August 20, 2022 00:08

Shows Creativity of the Students, ITS Launches Rupa Fest 2022

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Beberapa pengunjung mengamati poster yang ditampilkan di pameran Rupa Fest 2022 gelaran Departemen Desain Komunikasi Visual ITS

Visitors observed the posters displayed at the Rupa Fest 2022 exhibition held by the ITS Visual Communication Design Department

ITS Campus ITS News– To foster creative and innovative thinking among students and the public, Department of Visual Communication Design (DKV) of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) inaugurated an art exhibition, Rupa Fest 2022. The event was held for three days, starting Friday (19/8), at Balai Pemuda Surabaya Building.

The Chief Executive of the 2022 Rupa Fest, Dynara Syavina, said this activity is held to encourage students and the public to be creative without space restrictions or other obstacles. In addition, this event is used as a momentum for ITS DKV to increase recognition to the outside community. “Our goal here is, of course, in line with the theme presented this year, Apeiros Kosmos, which means a world without borders,” she said.

Para perwakilan panitia Rupa Fest 2022, jajaran dosen DKV ITS, beserta perwakilan Himpunan Mahasiswa (Hima) Rupa DKV ITS

The representatives of the 2022 Rupa Fest committee. ITS DKV lecturers and representatives of the ITS Visual DKV Student Association (Hima).

That ITS DKV student explained that this year’s Rupa Fest was held in conjunction with the Final Exhibition. The activity also showcased the best Final Project (TA) results for the final semester students of ITS DKV. “So, this year’s Rupa Fest is expected to be more crowded with the exhibition of this final project,” she explained.

In her presentation, Dynara showed different results of creative tasks carried out by ITS DKV students in semesters one to two. These include works of art with matches and ice cream sticks, drawings of shapes ranging from car drawings to fruit markets, and various other creative works of art. “In addition to the public, we want to give an overview to the new DKV ITS students about the tasks they will face later,” she said.

Peresmian Rupa Fest 2022 oleh Kepala Departemen DKV ITS Bambang Mardiono Soewito SSn MDs (kemeja putih)

Inauguration of Rupa Fest 2022 by the Head of the ITS DKV Department Bambang Mardiono Soewito SSn MDs (white shirt)

Furthermore, Dynara revealed that the Rupa Fest activity is not only an art exhibition. However, other activities such as webinars, workshops, and various exciting challenges can hone the participants’ creativity and knowledge. “We also offer some attractive prizes. Starting from Wacom Gloves, Preloved Wacom Intuos Small, and various other attractive prizes,” she said.

In the future, the student from Malang hopes this activity can be used well by the general public and ITS DKV first-year students. Not only that, he gave a special message to ITS DKV first-year students to further hone their creativity as the next ITS DKV successor. “We hope that with Rupa Fest, the general public and ITS DKV freshmen can increase the competitiveness of Indonesia’s creative industry in the future,” she said optimistically. (ITS Public Relation)


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