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Anargya Team Achieved Award at The Student Formula Japan 2019

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Anargya ITS team won several prestigious awards at the Student Formula Japan 2019 in its first participation at achievement at the event

ITS Campus, ITS News – The Anargya team of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) through its electric formula car, Anargya Electric Vehicle (EV) Mark 1.0, successfully competed in the Student Formula Japan (SFJ) 2019 with an excellent result. Anargya Team can put themselves in the top 11 best teams overall in the international event at the Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan which ended on Saturday (31/8).

In this competition organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Japan, ITS Anargya team must compete strictly and outperform some of the best colleges in the Asian region. The award that achieved by the team Anargya is a pride of its own because it is the first time for the team participated in this prestigious event.

During the five-day activity, a lot of things that must be done by all the participating teams, including ITS Anargya team. Starting from trials, feasibility tests or inspections, presentations, to car adjustments in the field. The competition is also divided into two categories concerned with technical and non-technical matters.

ITS Anargya Team’s Electric Formula Car when inspected by the jury team of Student Formula Japan 2019 and passed EV 1  for the first time

In terms of its own technical, Tim Anargya was the first and only team from Indonesia to successfully pass the EV 1 inspection phase. The test itself is not easy, because the jury will check some electronic devices that support the car’s safety standards.

“This achievement is a great history for us as the first team from Indonesia who be able to pass the test circuit to the stage of EV 1,” said Made Bhaswara Wiranugeraha, public relation of the ITS Anargya Team.

ITS Anargya team with their electric formula car after inspection at Student Formula Japan 2019

As for the non-technical competition, said students who are familiarly called Wira, Tim Anargya also managed to bring home the awards as the top 10 best agau teams precisely in 8th position in terms of cost and development of cars. This competition requires participants to make cars with low cost, but good performance.

Also, they are required to be able to apply these costs as specific as possible and as efficiently as possible. Ranging from material selection, design, and manufacturing steps. “We try to assume the process of making this car 100 percent made by yourself, so know the specific details of each part to get the best value,” said the students of Departement of Mechanical Engineering.

Anargya car after the EV 1 inspection and ready to compete at the Student Formula Japan 2019 at Ecopa Arena, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

In addition, according to Wira, Anargya Team’s ability is also assessed when selling its products to investors on business plan exposure. The cost aspect of car-invoicing is the main thing that determines the judges. Successes in this non-technical field also raised the ranks of the Anargya ITS team on the overall assessment of the team in both technical and non-technical terms. “Thankfully we managed to get the top 10 in this aspect of the cost and manufacturing process,” said this student from Bali proudly

Furthermore, said Wira, the success of the Anargya Team achieved by an uneasy process. In preparation before departing to Japan, there are a lot of documents that must be gathered first to be declared that they are ready to depart for Japan. Time management is also crucial to the success of the team to avoid the penalty and failure to compete. There are only 18 teams from 27 teams that are ready to participate in the race, and Anargya Team is one of the teams that is ready to compete.

This proves that the Anargya Team has good competitiveness and also able to compete with some of the best universities from Taiwan as well as Japan who are experienced and have better accreditation. Then, the team’s readiness in adapting to judges in the field also greatly determines the success of the team. The Anargya Team was very familiar with their cars, so it only took a relatively shorter time to explain and make improvements according to the judge’s direction.

Regarding its achievements as a team with the best value acquisition from Southeast Asia, Anargya Team has proven that research done by students especially ITS about the development of electric cars has been more advanced. “We are very confident that Indonesian’s research development can be aligned, not only the country of Southeast Asia but also other Asian tiger countries such as China and Japan,” said the student of batch 2017 optimistic.

From the first competition that was followed by the Anargya Team, much more encouragement and motivation to achieve higher achievements. The champion teams from the best colleges also motivate them. “They are also very friendly when invited to discuss the technical development of the car, the experience of organizing the preparation event, until the management of the team, especially in maximizing the resources,” he said enthusiastically.

For the future, they hope to maximize the evaluation that has been gained to better encourage them to achieve better results next year. The team’s knowledge and facilities are not far compared to Japan or China teams. “All we need is a passion, hard work, and never give up to be equal with the other experienced teams,” said Wira with full of excitement. (lut/rev/ITS Public Relation)

ITS Anargya Team after receiving the award at the Student Formula Japan 2019

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