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December 03, 2018 10:12

ITS Won The Most Medals in Gemastik 2018

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ITS contingent took a photo together after getting a total of 8 main champions and 1 poster champion

ITS Campus, ITS News – The prestigious 11th National Student Performance on Technology, Information, and Communication Competition (Gemastik) 2018 has reached its peak by the awarding of gold, silver, and bronze medals to the champions at ITS Robotics Center Building on Saturday night (11/3). In addition, the team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Surabaya managed to close the night with eight champion titles.

Among the eight medals, one was a gold medal which was successfully achieved by Kukangkung Team with team members: Nur Laili Sholichah, Muhammad Aldi Baihaqi, and Yasin Awwab in the category of ‘User Experience Design’ (UX Design).

In the ‘Game Developer Application’ Category, three medals were also swept by ITS delegation. The gold medal was awarded to GG team which consists of Irman Kurniawan, Sirria Panah Alam, and Achmad Ibnu Malik Al Chasni.

ITS Takis Team, one of the winners in the ‘ICT Scientific Works’ category

The silver medal was obtained by Reinkarnasi Team with members: Dicky Muhammad Priangga, Renal in Wahyudiono, and Nur Elviana Djahabiyyah. The bronze medal was obtained by the Miazaki Corps team consisting of Ilham Cahya Suherman, Reno Bahelwan Miazaki, and Firman Maulana who also received a bronze medal in the poster category.

In the category of ‘Software Development’, the bronze medal was successfully acquired by XCute Team made up of team members: Ahmad Nur Salim, Siti Aminatus Zehroh, and Reynata Tri Damayanti. The Whizard team consisting of Rafi R Ramadhan, Irzal Ahmad Sabilla, and Widhi Mahaputra Pande Putu also received bronze medals in the category of Smart Devices, Immersion Systems and IoT (Internet of Things).

ITS XCute Team, one of the champions in the ‘software development’ category

The last two medals were one silver medal seized by Djotas III Team (Djohan Prabowo, Sirria Panah Alam, and Agatha Putri Adwitya) and one bronze medal by Takis Team (Muhammad Al Farisi Iskandar, Ubai Yusuf Siraj Samudera, and Hapsari Wulandari).

Despite getting the most medals, ITS could not take home the Widya Samakbya Padhesa trophy as the general champion. The points obtained by ITS have not been able to surpass the overall champion, University of Indonesia, with a total of two gold medals, three silver medals, and one bronze medal.

Prof. Dr. Ir Heru Setyawan, M.Eng, Vice Chancellor of ITS for Academic and Student Affairs, when delivering a speech at the closing of 11th Gemastik at ITS

Even so, Prof. Dr. Ir Heru Setyawan, M.Eng as Deputy Chancellor of ITS for Academic and Student Affairs greatly appreciated the hard work of ITS contingent with the name ‘Pejoeang Emas’. Compared to last year, ITS contingent’s accomplishment grew rapidly at Gemastik this year. “The most important thing is the process. Whatever the results, we are still grateful,” he said encouragingly. (ID/ITS Public Relations Officer/fer)

ITS contingent’s teams when they received the championship award on the 11th Gemastik stage

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