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January 22, 2019 10:01

BAN PT Launches the 2018 Study Program Accreditation Instrument and Electronic Signature

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Source: Radio Republik Indonesia

KBRN, Jakarta: The National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) launches Program Progress Accreditation Instruments (IAPS 4.0) to develop accreditation instruments that are relevant to the development of the higher education sector in Indonesia and follow global developments.

The Director General of Science and Technology and Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Patdono Suwignjo explained that IAPS 4.0 was oriented towards outputs and outcomes which focused more on process, output and outcome aspects, while earlier instruments measured more aspects of input.

“We appreciate the increase to IAPS 4.0 in the study program accreditation instruments, and expose electronic signatures, we expect the output and outcome, now we are changing to increase in quality measurement rather than input aspects,” said Patdono Suwignjo during the IAPS 4.0 and TT soft launch e in Jakarta, on Thursday (7/26/2018).

IAPS 4.0 development is focused on face-to-face mode consisting of 8 variants, namely IAPS 4.0 for Diploma programs, Applied Bachelor programs, Bachelor programs, Professional programs, Applied Masters programs, Masters programs, Applied Doctoral programs, and Doctoral programs.

IAPS 4.0 will be effective starting January 1, 2019, where accreditation proposals submitted from January 1, 2019 must have used IAPS 4.0 instruments, while the accreditation proposals received before January 1, 2019 still use the current instruments. For this reason, BAN-PT will hold IAPS 4.0 training starting in October 2018 in collaboration with Kopertis (LLDikti), the Association of Universities, and others.

BAN-PT also issued Decisions on Accredited Status and Ranking, and Accreditation Certification in the form of electronic documents with electronic signatures (TT-e) Director of the Executive Board of BAN-PT. A Digital Signature is a signature consisting of electronic information that is attached, associated, or related to other electronic information that is used as a verification and authentication tool.

Implementation of TT-e in order to support bureaucratic reform programs through Smart e-Government and to improve the quality of public services. TT-e has high security because it is guaranteed by the owner’s information and the integrity of his information and non-denial. (QQ / WDA)


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