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Sun, 31 Oct 2021
3:58 pm

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The organization is a place for each individual to work together to achieve common goals. Not only that, the organization can also be a place to grow for each individual. Each individual can develop self-potential, creativity, critical power, and a sense of social responsibility through the organization. However, how can we form an organization that is good and in accordance with the desired goals?

On (29/10), the Department of Management and Controlling Organization of HIMKA-ITS held a Leadership on Training activity. That activity discuss about how to form and manage an organization. This activity lasted for 3 days with some material that was quite important and was delivered by interesting speakers. The material on the first day is the essence and fundamentals of the organization which discusses what and how an organization can run. In the material also given some tips to create a vision and mission, as well as a good TKO.

On the second day, we will discuss about several important topics. The first material is the classification of organizational problems which discusses how we analyze internal and external problems that exist in an organization. In analyzing internal problems, the 7s McKinsey framework technique can be used. Meanwhile, to analyze external problems, the PRL technique can be used. After that, the material continued by discussing how to analyze the condition of an organization. The way to analyze it is by grouping according to stakeholder mapping and calculating IFAS and EFAS, as well as making a matrix. Then proceed with the material on organizational development plans. In that topic we can learn to make a strategic planning flow using the QSPM matrix method.

On the third day of training, there is materials such as organizational performance measurement. This material discusses how we can make key performance indicators as a benchmark for the achievement of a work program. After that, we learn about  student resource management material which discuss about how to select organizational member techniques in order to obtain the right human resources. Then the third material, namely change and risk management, which discusses how we face risk and bring the organization to change for the better. The last material is conflict management, which discusses how to respond to a conflict that arises within the organization.

This Leadership on Training activity went quite smoothly, because the material presented was quite important for the future. With this training, students know more about how to organize and run an organization in order to achieve common goals.

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