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Unit Kerja ITS
09 Agustus 2018, 02:08

Bring up the back USB that is not detected

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Source: CHIP Magazine issue 04 2016
If Windows does not display the connected USB storage, for example external hard disk or USB flash disk, on the Explorer go to the Troubleshooting section that is in the Control Panel. To do this, open the “Administrative Tools” and go to “Computer Management”.
On Windows that pops up, select “Disk Management” in the left side under “Storage”. On the right of the “Disk Management”, you will find a list of all drives and partitions from the computer. If Windows detects the external storage media, the storage media will be seen in this section. You can change the name of the drive path.
For that, make sure the USB storage media have the option to change the alphabet. If not, right click the storage system and go to the section “Change drive alphabets and paths”. With a click on the button “Add”, choose the letter you want. Once completed, the USB storage media will use the letter option and can be easily accessed.

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