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22 Februari 2023, 09:02

Re-Settlement in Surabaya Informal Kampung

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Penulis : Dewi Septanti, Happy Ratna Sumartinah, dan Sarah Cahyadini

ISBN : 978-623-318-164-8


This book discuss aspects of sustainability that can be applied in resettlement activities, such as environmental, economic, and socio-cultural. Each chapter will discuss those three aspects using the exact location, kampung Keputih Tegal Timur Baru—later will be called KTTB—with different methods but the same resettlement option, which is walk-up flats (rusunawa). According to the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, rusunawa stands for rumah susun sewa, a simple rented flat. It is a multi-storey building built in one residential area that has facilities integrated into them, and the residents have obligation to pay monthly rent to the housing manager.

Each chapter provides related examples from previous research , described in box format. At the end of this book, we will summarize the results and classify the solutions from each chapter in relation to promoting SDGs.


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