IRITS Leads PhantomV Team to Win the Gemastik XIV Gold Medal

Wed, 24 Nov 2021
4:29 pm

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The PhantomV team with Ir. Muchammad Husni M. Kom. (left), Dr. Techn Ir. Raden Venantius Hari Ginardi M.Sc., Irzal Ahmad Sabilla, S.Kom., M.Kom. (right) with the IRITS innovation.


ITS Campus, ITS News – Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) students create innovations to support the government in the early detection of Covid-19. This innovation, called IRITS, won first place in the XIV Gemastik Smart City competition.

Three students from the Information Technology Department, Anis Saidatur Rochma, Mochammad Ifaizul Hasan, and Ian Felix Jonathan, created the IRITS innovation for the Covid-19 pandemic. The team, which was guided by Irzal Ahmad Sabilla, S.Kom., M.Kom, successfully won first place in Gemastik XIV.

The PhantomV team leader said the IRITS innovation was designed to address the issue of the pandemic. The impact caused by the pandemic is very detrimental in various sectors. Thus, as a nation, the PhantomV team is moved to contribute to providing innovation to the nation. “Technology can advance Indonesia to create a healthy Indonesia, and the economy will rise,” said Anis Saidatur Rochma.

IRITS innovation has three main services that can help the government and the general public in preventing the transmission of Covid-19. The first feature is an IoT (Internet of Things)-based Smart Card which is used for individual-based community mobility data collection using E-KTP. Users only need to tap the e-KTP on IRITS, then the user’s location data will be recorded so that it can be seen who may have
physical contact with the user.

The final result of the IRITS innovation is a Covid-19 early detection system


In addition, IRITS is also supported by two other features, namely, the Smart Air Purifier using the Electronic Nose for Covid-19 system which functions to detect several compounds that are an indication of Covid-19 in the air (airborne) and filter dirty air that carries viruses, bacteria, and pollution using a HEPA filter so that the air around it will be cleaner and safer for the community. Then, the Smart Camera is used to detect the use of masks and face shields to comply with health protocols following government regulations, so that Health protocols can be monitored automatically. This tool can also be placed in public places or places with the potential for crowds.

In formulating strategies, the PhantomV team held online and offline discussions with supervisors to improve IRITS performance. Several teams that have been mentored by Irzal Ahmad Sabilla, S.Kom., M.Kom have successfully won various competitions in previous years. Meanwhile, the innovation made by the PhantomV team is a development of the product he is currently researching.

The PhantomV team took approximately seven months to prepare the IRITS innovation for the Gemastik XIV competition. Starting from determining the problems that exist in the community, to the preparation of the IRITS system, it is hoped that it will be able to provide solutions to the problems of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

During the process, Anis admitted that he had limited time due to the complexity of the tool. “We need more in-depth research and that’s not enough in just seven months,” said this Information Technology student.

Thanks to their efforts and hard work, Anis and his colleagues succeeded in introducing tools to support the government in dealing with Covid-19. Not only that, but this innovation also managed to win a prestigious competition event, namely Gemastik XIV by getting a gold medal.

(from left) Mohammad Ifaizul Hasan, Anis Saidatur Rochma, Irzal Ahmad Sabilla S.Kom M.Kom, and Ian Felix Jonathan who are members of the PhantomV team carrying a certificate.

Full support and guidance from the department, namely Dr. Tech Ir. Raden Venantius Hari Ginardi M.Sc. as the head of the ITS Information Technology department also following the motto of the Smart City Laboratory and Cyber Security chaired by Ir. Muchammad Husni M.Kom, so that this collaboration resulted in a Smart City concept system that can be implemented in Indonesia.

This 2018 student expressed hope that in the future ITS will be able to defend the title of Samyakbya Padesa Widya with all the works and innovations from students, especially from the Information Technology department. “Keep the spirit, rest assured that a process will not betray the final result, continue to work in building the nation,” he concluded at the end.

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