Direktorat Kerjsama dan Pengelolaan Usaha

Unit Pelaksana Bahasa dan Budaya

Centre for Languages and Cultures – ITS functions primarily to support the main aim of the Institute in the context of extra curricular studies which can hopefully fulfill the gap of inadequacy of English language competence in the curricular path. It is given task to develop the most efficient and effective language teaching programs in accordance with the needs and abilities of the participants, to conduct language researches both in pure and applied linguistics fields, and to build up networks of communication and cooperation in the field of language teaching with tertiary educational institutions both in the country and overseas.


To be a learning organization that takes a role as a sustainable agent of change to support ITS in pursuance of international reputation through improvements in the quality of language education and communication, as well as cultural development.



1. Offering the best language services to stakeholder within ITS
2. Offering the best language services to stakeholder outside of ITS
3. Taking an active role in the attempt of
4. Developing local, national and international cultures
5. Developing domestic and international networks on the basic of mutual – benefit principles through educational activities, language communication and cultural development
6. Nurturing technopreneurship attitude among the students
7. Developing management that encourages organizational learning within the Centre for Languages and Cultures

Jl. Raya ITS, Sukolilo Surabaya – 60111
Telp. (031) 5990322 / 5947274 ext. 1221

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Direktorat Pengembangan Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi (DPTSI) bertugas untuk menyediakan dan mengelola layanan Teknologi Informasi di lingkungan ITS.

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