Subdirektorat Pengembangan Kewirausahaan dan Karir


ITS Career CenterĀ provides a variety of services for job seekers and students. This service is certainly very useful for you to develop soft skills and do career planning for your future.
User Satisfaction Survey is a survey conducted to see and measure the satisfaction level of the Business and Industrial World (DUDI) on the performance of the Alumni. Please kindly to fill out this questionnaire for the good of ITS and your company.
ITS Internship System, an apprenticeship system is intended for ITS students to be able to do an internship program in the company according to the department of each student applying for an internship.
ITS Alumni Data Tracking System ( Tracer Study ) a system that collects and processes data of ITS alumni, ranging from data about work or company, lectures at the time of being a student and also data about the personal of each alumni. Tracer Study has become Mandatory part of all educational institutions both domestically and abroad. Because it can be a evaluation material and future strategic decisions for the institution concerned. Therefore, we request the honorable alumni of ITS to cooperate in completing this Tracer Study questionnaire.
ITS Job Fair is an event held twice a year by ITS Career Center.
Career consulting services at ITS Career Center are open to all members, whether Jobseeker, Students, and Alumni and non-Alumni who have worked. For fresh graduate students or alumni, this career consulting service aims to help you prepare for career development as early as possible, so that you can jump into society with a more definite and steady attitude. As for those of you who have worked in this career consulting service, you can use it to direct your next career.