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Webinars and MyITS Service Launch

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In improving excellent service through the integrated service system of PLT-BURB ITS as well as launching MyITS services


Wakil Rektor III ITS Dr Eng Ir Ahmad Rusdiansyah MEng saat memberikan sambutan sekaligus meresmikan layanan publik sivitas akademika ITS, MyITS Services

ITS Vice Chancellor III Dr Eng Ir Ahmad Rusdiansyah MEng when giving a speech while inaugurating the ITS academic community public service, MyITS Services

ITS Campus, ITS News – Although it was only officially established in June 2020, the Integrated Service Center (PLT) of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) continues to improve services in order to achieve the goals of World Class University (WCU) and digital transformation. One of them is through the launching of MyITS Services as a one-stop service development that was formed in the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the field of ITS public services, Monday (25/4)..

In its online inauguration, MyITS Services is presented by applying guidelines that refer to the vision of Excellent Service and Innovation, which is known to mean providing the best service with innovations in every service process. The professionalism of service managers, acceleration, convenience and transparency of information are also considered to have a very impact on bringing changes to the service culture and customer satisfaction.

This service was born through a collaboration between PLT ITS and the Directorate of Technology and Information System Development (DPTSI) of ITS in the Sub-directorate of Applications and Digital Platforms. This team also actively coordinates with the Directorate of Human Resources and Organizations (SDMO) of ITS as the person in charge of the resource needs of the academic community.

In his remarks, Deputy Chancellor III for Human Resources, Organizations, and Information System Technology ITS Dr Eng Ir Ahmad Rusdiansyah MEng explained that this service does not only focus on service planning, but also on the preparation of the room which will later become the center of services.

Optimal services are also provided in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic, where students are given many conveniences in obtaining various campus needs. “Such as Certificate of Graduation (SKL), translation of diplomas, to legalization services which can now be served more easily,” he explained.

To access the MyITS Services application, academicians need to access the myITS site (https://my.its.ac.id). The username and password used alone are the same as login access to the integra, so users do not need to register or create a new account. “Registration is only done when the academic community will carry out activities to get the documents needed,” said the lecturer who is familiarly called Doddy.

Video profil Pusat Layanan Terpadu (PLT) ITS sekaligus video launching layanan MyITS Services

Video profile of the ITS Integrated Service Center (PLT) as well as the video launching of the MyITS Services service

This lecturer from the Department of System and Industrial Engineering hopes that MyITS Service can be used properly during the pandemic era and also during the transition period, where campuses have started teaching and learning activities offline. It is also possible that this service can be developed to facilitate remote academics in the future. “Regarding further development, of course waiting for the direction of the Rector while still following the work rules and targeted matters,” he said.

At the launch of the MyITS Services service, a webinar on improving excellent service at ITS was also presented with a resource person from the Head of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia, East Java Representative Agus Muttaqin. In his presentation, Agus said, services at ITS must of course follow the principles and objectives of the existing ombudsman, namely to meet community service needs and also realize community expectations.

Pemaparan webinar guna meningkatkan layanan prima di ITS oleh Kepala Ombudsman RI Perwakilan Jawa Timur Agus Muttaqin

Presentation of the webinar to improve excellent service at ITS by the Head of the RI Ombudsman for East Java Representative Agus Muttaqin

On his way, Agus revealed that ITS had absolutely no complaints regarding existing public services. This is also supported by the achievement of PLT ITS which succeeded in being the 3rd best of all institutions under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) and the top rank among universities (PT) in the evaluation of public service monitoring and evaluation. .

Furthermore, Agus hopes that the urgent and sacred points contained in this public service guideline will continue to be considered in depth. ITS also needs to test service standards consisting of service standards, service announcements, management, infrastructure, to integrated services and recognition. “That point is the key to service integration in order to avoid maladministration in the academic environment, the ITS campus,” he emphasized. (HUMAS ITS)

Reporter: Fauzan Fakhrizal Azmi

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