Turning Pollution into a Solution: The Inspiration Behind Aither’s Innovation by Information Systems Students

Tue, 18 Jun 2024
2:07 pm
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The declining air quality due to pollution has become a serious issue. In response to this problem, Isaura Qinthara Heriswan, an Information Systems student at ITS, along with her team, began developing Aither in March 2023. Aither is an innovative air purifier that utilizes microalgae biotechnology to purify the air while maintaining humidity stability. The advantage of Aither is that it not only absorbs dust and particles but also captures carbon dioxide and produces oxygen, thus addressing carbon emissions.

“Our motivation is to create a pollution-free ecosystem, especially for vulnerable groups like pregnant women and children,” explained Qintha, Co-Founder of Aither.


Aither the product itself, air purifier and oxygen producer

The development process of Aither started with in-depth research on microalgae and has now reached the pilot project stage, with trials in several cafes to ensure its effectiveness. Aither’s achievements include more than five awards, such as First Place in the Shell LiveWIRE Social Media Competition, Second Place in the YELP BI Idea Category, and Third Place in the Ecothon Business Competition. Additionally, Aither was recognized as one of the Top 10 Early Stage Startups in Pertamuda and represented Indonesia at the ComeUp Global Startup Festival 2023, among many other accolades. These accomplishments are a source of pride and inspiration for ITS students to continue innovating and contributing to the development of eco-friendly technology.


Aither has now become a startup, with a team consisting of 5 core members and 10 interns. The future plan is to make Aither a primary solution in tackling air pollution in various environments.

“We are committed to continually innovating and ensuring that everyone can enjoy clean and healthy air,” stated Qintha.

With the slogan “Clean Air for Everyone,” Aither is dedicated to building a sustainable health ecosystem through the application of green technology. The hope is that Aither will continue to develop this technology so that more people can benefit from it.

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