Manufacturing Systems Laboratory

Manufacturing Systems Laboratory of DTSI

Established in 1995 under the name of the Laboratory of Production Systems with the aim of supporting the science of Industrial Engineering in designing manufacturing systems in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, especially in the field of manufacturing systems, especially production systems. To support this purpose this lab is equipped with a production machine for wood materials that is used as a practical medium for students in the Manufacturing Process practicum. In 1999, in the framework of developing the lab, the Industrial Engineering Department purchased a set of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) equipment from Denford which gave the lab the ability to move more broadly in the field of manufacturing systems, so the lab name was changed to a Manufacturing System Laboratory.

This laboratory has two types of activities, namely routine activities and development activities or programs. Routine activities in the form of manufacturing process practicum for ITS Industrial Engineering students. Every practicum in one semester, a maximum capacity of 90 practitioners who currently operate in 3 shifts / shifts (morning, afternoon, evening). This practicum consists of three modules, namely design module, process analysis, and project. The practicum implementation in the manufacturing system laboratory involves 10 assistants who will assist the practitioner in carrying out the practicum module.

For development programs in this laboratory, among others:

  • Training – training: AUTOCAD, PPIC, MS Project;
  • Competition: Sismanity Challenge or IT scientific competition for ITS Industrial Engineering students;
  • Afternoon Coffe: workshop to discuss scientific manufacturing systems that are packaged in the form of light open talk;
  • Plant tour: visits to the company by lab assistants in order to develop the knowledge of assistants;
  • Mading Calling 1306: sisman lab information media that contains the latest information about the science of manufacturing systems and lab activities.

To support the activities mentioned above, this laboratory is equipped with facilities as follows:

Room: consists of two main rooms, namely the production system room and CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) space, plus two rooms for Kalab and Kasie Lab with a total area of 120 m 2;
13 computer units;
2 compressor units;
2 printer units;
1 plotter unit;
1 unit of Triac PC machine;
1 unit of Mirac PC machine;
1 conveyor unit and inspection system;
1 ASRS unit
2 units of a robot arm
2 AC units
Woodworking Machinery (Multi Purpose, Circular Arm Saw, Electric Profile, Burrs, Chisel, Hand Jointer, Copy Lathe, etc.)
Software: AUTOCAD 2000/2002, Office 2000/2003, Master CAM, Mill Cam Designer, Fanuc OM

List of Manufacturing System Laboratory Lecturers