Logistics and Supply Chain Management Laboratory

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Laboratory, was established in 2006. This laboratory is the first laboratory in Indonesia to concentrate on the fields of logistics management and supply chain management. The focus of logistics management science and Supply Chain is to produce an efficient flow of goods from upstream to downstream which is supported by information flow, coordination, and collaboration between business actors from raw material suppliers to end customers.

Historically, the embryo of this lab has been initiated since 2001 under the name Center for Supply Chain Management by Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Pujawan, M.Eng, who in 2000 completed his doctoral program at Lancaster University with research concentrating on supply chain modeling. It is no exaggeration to say that this Center is a pioneer of research-based SCM development activities in Indonesia. In 2001, when the Center held seminars and various trainings, for example, there were very few people in Indonesia who knew and understood the concepts and applications of Supply Chain Management.

The Center for Supply Chain Management, which was established at that time, helped professionals understand the concepts and best practices of supply chain management through various training activities, both openly conducted in Surabaya and Jakarta, and in various companies in the form of in-house training. . On the other hand, research activities continue to run, which is the kitchen of efforts to uncover new phenomena or facts in scientific study rules. The combination of scientific studies with experience from the industrial world makes the accumulation of expertise at the Center for Supply Chain Management not only relevant to the needs of industry, but also based on science.

In the years since 2000, the need for SCM knowledge in Indonesia seems to grow rapidly. Various companies ask alumni who understand SCM. On the other hand, in the Industrial Engineering Department, Supply Chain Management began to be offered as elective lectures and the final project / thesis topics about SCM began to be done a lot. Since 2006, with the return of Dr. (Eng). Ir. Ahmad Rusdiansyah from the task of studying in Japan and the need to create a more formal container, the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Laboratory was formed.


Research and Publication

From the beginning, this lab wanted to have a major function in research. Research is a very important pillar in scientific development which can ultimately be used to improve understanding and implementation of concepts in the real world. This lab aims to be the foremost in the field of research so that its results can be utilized in the industrial world and provide significant scientific contributions, as evidenced by publications in international journals. In its development, lab members have shown very promising developments in this field. From the research side, the following are examples of research conducted by one or more lab members and their funding sources:

Bullwhip effect on the supply chain (2001), funded by the Due-Like Program
Supply Chain Flexibility (2002), funded Due-Like Program
Augmentation quantity in orders sizes under uncertain demand (2004-2007), partly funded by the Research Council of Canada
Quality management in the context of supply chain (2005), funded by the PPJ Program
Supply Chain Management for Disaster Relief Operations (2006), Funded by DIPA
Development of a Learning Simulator for Optimization Game Model for Logistics and Distribution (2006) problems, funded by A3 Program
Survey of manufacturing industry instability schedule in Hong Kong (2006), international cooperation
Designing a Software Model for Resolving Vehicle Routing Problem with Loading Constraints (VRPLC) (2006), funded by A3 Program
Designing Software Prototype for Management of “Inter-Office Mail Courier System” (2007), funded by DIPA
Banana supply chain management simulation in East Java (2007), funded by DIPA

In terms of scientific publications, Logistics & SCM Labs will encourage each member to conduct scientific publications in international journals. During this time lab members have successfully published research results in various international journals, some of which are international journals with high reputations, such as:

European Journal of Operational Research
International Journal of Productio Economics
International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management
The Japan Society of International Journal Series C Mechanical Engineering (JSME)
Production Planning & Control
Journal of Food Engineering
International Journal of Integrated Supply Management
International Journal of Logistics Systems & Management
International Journal of Inventory Research
Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association

International Conference

The involvement of LSCM Lab at the International Conference also encourages its members to be active in various scientific meetings internationally, not only as participants, but also as presenters of papers, even as organizers. In 2005 the ITS Industrial Engineering Department successfully held an international conference with great success in Nusa Dua, Bali, which presented 170 participants from more than 25 countries. In May 2007, the conference was held in Bangkok hosted by the University of Thai Chamber of Commerce. Three of the L & SCM Lab members, namely Dr. Nyoman Pujawan, Dr. Ahmad Rusdiansyah, and Iwan Vanany, ST., MT., Presented 6 papers at the conference. In addition, members of the L & SCM Lab in recent years have also made presentations at various international conferences in Australia, Korea, Japan and China.


Since it was founded in 2006, Lab Logistics & SCM routinely holds gathering events with practitioners. This event was held to strengthen contacts between the (practical) industrial world and academia. In this event there are usually speakers from practitioners and academics interspersed with lunch and hospitality. This event will take place every around 3 or 4 months.

Newsletter Issuance

Since 2007, Lab Logistics & SCM also published a Newsletter containing the latest information, such as activity news, publication news, future activity agenda, and so on. Each Newsletter also contains a number of articles about the logistical management & SCM sciences. The first edition was published in March 2007. This newsletter was circulated to all associate members of the Lab. The publication of this Newsletter is operationally carried out by Lab assistants. To become an associate member, please e-mail labscm@gmail.com.


Training activities have been routinely carried out since 2001. Some of the modules that have been owned are:

  • Understanding and Assessing Supply Chain Capabilities
  • Essentials of Supply Chain Management
  • Auditing Supply Chain Performance
  • Modern Purchasing Management
  • Strategic Procurement Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing Management

Various companies have sent their staff to various training carried out by this Lab (since it was still called Center). There are :

  • Matsushita Lighting Indonesia
  • Samudera Combined Logistics
  • Otsuka Indonesia
  • Philips Morris Indonesia
  • Federal Izumi Manufacturing
  • Proquman
  • Puteri Gelora Jaya
  • Van Melle Indonesia
  • Semen Gresik
  • Tjiwi Kimia
  • Crossfield Indonesia
  • Barata Indonesia
  • Central Windu Sejati
  • Pelayaran Meratus
  • Widharta Bhakti
  • Telkomsel
  • Guntner Indonesia
  • Tesori Mulia
  • Heinz Suprama
  • Hartono Wira Tanik
  • Alstom Power Energy System
  • STT Telkom
  • Sampoerna Percetakan Nusantara
  • Petro Kimia
  • INKA
  • Komaratim
  • Bogasari Flour Mills
  • H. M. Sampoerna
  • Philips Ralin Electronics
  • Ecco Indonesia
  • Widya Mandala
  • Heinz ABC
  • Wings Surya
  • Charoen Pokphand Indonesia
  • Nippon Indosari Corporation (Sari Roti)
  • Anugrah Argon Medica
  • Sayap Mas Utama
  • Indonesia Power
  • Sara Lee Indonesia
  • Chiyoda
  • Indonesia Multi Colour Printing
  • Schulman Plastics
  • Lawangmas Primapack Indonesia
  • SUD-CHEMIE Indonesia
  • Topindo
  • Astra Honda Motor
  • SIOEN Indonesia
  • Pupuk Kaltim
  • Badak LNG
  • Amazon Papyrus
  • Medco Energy
  • Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard
  • Cakra Jawala
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