Undergraduate Program

Industrial Engineering Graduate Program was established in 1985  has graduated more than 1600 undergraduates. Admission of undergraduate students is carried out through three admission routes, namely:

In order to improve the quality and expand the reach of education, the Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program opens 2 classes, namely the Regular Class and the English International Class so that it can be the choice of foreign students who will study Industrial Engineering in Indonesia with guaranteed quality.

  • PEO 1. Ability to find solutions to the industrial problems using their unique knowledge of system thinking.
  • PEO 2. Ability to utilize the knowledge of mathematical, physical, social sciences together with the industrial engineering knowledge to engage in early career path.
  • PEO 3. Ability to manage resources, make decisions and work in cross functional organization or inter-organization level in business and supply chain network as well as knowledge of organization process and behavior.
  • PEO 4. Attitude and conduct as an individual and/or a team member in working environment.

Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Industrial Engineering are intended to have the following abilities:

  1. Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, natural and/or material science, information technology, and engineering to gain a comprehensive understanding of engineering principles
  2. Ability to design components, systems, and/or processes to meet expected needs within realistic boundaries, for example legal, economic, environmental, social, political, health and safety, sustainability and to recognize and/or utilize potential local and national resources by global insight
  3. Ability to design and carry out laboratory and/or field experiments and analyze and interpret data to strengthen technical assessments
  4. Ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve technical problems
  5. Ability to apply modern technical methods, skills, and tools necessary for engineering practice
  6. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  7. Ability to plan, complete and evaluate tasks within existing constraints
  8. Ability to work on multidiscipline and multicultural team
  9. Ability to be responsible to society and comply with professional ethics in solving technical problems
  10. Ability to understand the needs of lifelong learning, including access to knowledge related to current issues

Undergraduate Program Curriculum can be seen at the following link:

Undergraduate Program Syllabus can be seen at the following link:

The International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program that implements English as the language of instruction. IUP is intended for Indonesian nationality and Non-Indonesian nationality high school graduates who meet the requirements set by ITS. The program offers the regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international exposure activities in one or more of the following activities:

  1. Study excursion
  2. Internship in an international or multinational company
  3. Student exchange
  4. Summer/short course
  5. Joint Degree (only for study programs that offer Joint Degree program)

For more information about international activity, click this following link:

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*Click on the course code to see the Learning Plan of the particular course

CodeCourse NameCredits
Semester 1
UG1849xxReligion Studies2
UG184912Bahasa Indonesia2
SF184101Physics 14
SK184101Chemistry 13
KM184101Mathematics 13
TI184101Introduction to Industrial and System Engineering2
Total credits at Semester 118
Semester 2
SF184202Physics 23
KM184201Mathematics 23
TI184202Engineering Drawing2
TI184204Engineering Materials3
TI184203Engineering Statistics 13
Total credits at Semester 218
Semester 3
TI184305Introduction to Economics3
TI184306Engineering Statistics 23
TI184307Cost Analysis and Estimation3
TI184308Manufacturing Process3
TI184310Operation Research 13
Total credits at Semester 318
Semester 4
TI184411Algorithm and Computer Programming3
TI184412Industrial Automation3
TI184413Method Engineering and Work Measurement3
TI184414Manufacturing System3
TI184415Engineering Economy3
TI184416Operation Research 23
Total credits at Semester 418
Semester 5
TI184517Quality Control Techniques3
TI184518Production Planning and Inventory Control3
TI184519Basic Mechanics Engineering3
TI184520Product Design and Development3
TI184521Organization and Human Resource Management3
TI184522Industrial System Simulation3
Total credits at Semester 518
Semester 6
TI184623Maintenance and Reliability Engineering3
TI184624Facility Planning3
TI184625System Modeling3
TI184626Logistics System3
TI1849XXElective Course 13
TI1849XXElective Course 23
Total credits at Semester 618
Semester 7
TI184727Industrial Ecology2
TI184728Supply Chain Management3
TI184729Industrial Planning 4
UG184916Concept of Technology3
TI1849XXElective Course 33
Enrichment Course (Interdepartmental course)3
Total credits at Semester 718
Semester 8
TI184830Project Management2
TI184831Business Information System Design3
TI184832Practical Work2
UG184915Technopreneurship 2
TI1849XXElective Course 43
TI184833Final Project6
Total credits at Semester 818
Elective Courses
TI184901Productivity Analysis3
TI184902Computer Integrated Manufacturing3
TI184903Concurrent Engineering3
TI184904Technology Management3
TI184905Six Sigma3
TI184906Sustainable Manufacturing3
TI184907Industrial Environmental Management3
TI184908Quality Management3
TI184909Experiment Design3
TI184910Quality Engineering3
TI184911Value Engineering3
TI184912Multi Criteria Decision Making3
TI184918Industrial Ergonomics Applications3
TI184919Ergo Safety *3
TI184920Ergonomic Macro3
TI184921Design of Method and Work Studio3
TI184922Physiology and Work Biomenikanika3
TI184923Human Factors in Product Design3
TI184924Visual Ergonomics3
TI184925Human Reliability3
TI184926Cognitive Ergonomics3
TI184927Office Ergonomics3
TI184933Large-Scale Optimization3
TI184934Data Mining3
TI184935Metaheuristic Optimization3
TI184936Production Scheduling3
TI184937System Dynamics Methodology3
TI184938Facility Layout Modelling3
TI184939Constraint Theory3
TI184940Game Theory3
TI184941Analysis Decision3
TI184947Service Management3
TI184948Work management3
TI184949Knowledge Management3
TI184950Corporate Strategy3
TI184951Financial management3
TI184952Managerial Accounting3
TI184953Organizational Behaviour3
TI184954Corporate Risk Management3
TI184955Industrial Cluster3
TI184956e-Business and e-Commerce3
TI184957Industrial Economics3
TI184958Agent Based Modelling3
TI184959Business Valuation3
TI184965Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)3
TI184966Material Management and Procurement3
TI184967Air Transport Management3
TI184968Distribution Management3
TI184969Business Process Engineering3
TI184975Industrial Internship I3
TI184976Industrial Internship II3
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