Outstanding Graduate

Outstanding Alumni of ITS Geophysical Engineering

Nahari Rasif

Name                          : Nahari Rasif

Graduation Year        : 2022

Email Contact              : naharirasif.18034@mhs.its.ac.id


  • Petrophysics
  • Phyton
  • Data Visualization


Dealing Projects from PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam

Worked as Geophysicist Apprentice before the thesis defence. served in the field of seismic and machine learning, automating the detection of gas prospects on seismic data and designing a web-based app using Python

2nd Winner of Annual Energy Symposium CCUS Case Study Competition by SPE Java

Act as an energy consulting company that will conduct an assessment of the deployment of Carbon Capture Storage Utilization in Indonesia. Contributed to the economic analysis for the CCUS implementation such as CAPEX OPEX estimation, expected economic matrix, and project timeline.


3rd Winner of APECX Geothermal Case Study Competition by SPE UGM SC

Made a preliminary feasibility study project report on geothermal prospects for Mount Lawu. Contributed to the analysis of the gravity and magnetotelluric methods, as well as resource calculations using the Monte Carlo method with Python

3rd Winner of GEOTRAP Geosmart Competition by HIMA Geofisika UNPAD

A fast-paced quiz competition with materials consist of geology structure, sedimentology, volcanology, petrology, geodynamics, geophysical environment, and geophysical measurement methodology (gravity, magnetic, geoelectric, and electromagnetic)

Representing ITS Team for PETROBOWL Asia Pacific Regional Qualifier by SPE International

The PetroBowl competition pitches SPE student chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions.


Summer School Student at Tianjin university in Data Science and Big Data Analysis

Held by School of Mathematics, Tianjin University from September until November 2020 (3 months). The curriculum of this course is Introduction to Data Science, Python Foundation for Big Data Analysis, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Statistics. Also, this course involves Chinese learning and Chinese culture experience.

Experienced as Director of the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) ITS SC

Led a team of 10 people with the aim of developing competition preparation and interest at the SPE level, both international and national scale. Our biggest succession is the increase in the number of awards by 140% compared to the previous stewardship.


3rd Winner of APECX Petrosmart Competition by SPE UGM SC

Each team will be given question about drilling, geology & geophysics, production, trivia, and latest issue related to Oil and Gas industry. There are 11 teams from various universities such as UGM, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, ITB, and many more.

3rd Winner of PiFair Petrosmart Competition by SPE Trisakti SC

Pi Fair 2019 used a fast-paced quiz competition. The questions are intended to test the contestants’ knowledge of the technical and non-technical aspects of the oil and gas industry. There are 10 teams from various universities such as ITB, UI, and many more