Atar F. Babgei, S.T., M.Sc.

Nama : Atar Fuady Babgei, S.T., M.Sc.
NIP : 19891111 201812 1 001
NIDN : 0011118905
Email : atarbabgei[at]
Pendidikan : S1: ITS, Teknik Elektro – Elektronika (2007-2012)
  S2: University of Southampton, Faculty of Engineering, Control Systems (2015-2017)
Bidang Keahlian :
Profil : Curiculum Vitae | Sinta | Google Scholar | Scopus


1. Bachelor’s Degree Final Project Topic
Design of Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) on Solar Panel by using Fuzzy Methods, Designed electronics prototype boards endowing microcontrollers and sensors for real time computation and evaluation of fuzzy algorithms to optimize solar panels efficiency.

2. Master’s Degree Research Project
Development of Next Generation MAVIS Sensorcraft: A Lightweight, Low-cost, and Disposable Unmanned Aircraft System for Atmospheric Measurements. This project was a continuation of the development of MAVIS, Massive Atmospheric Volume Instrumentation System (MAVIS), a swarm of micro unmanned aircrafts to collect atmospherics data from high altitude, by developing and implementing a long- range (LoRa) transceiver module, automatic release mechanism, and ground control software.


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