Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

One of the most popular canteens at ITS, The Central Canteen (Kanpus), was appointed as one of 10 culinary locations in Indonesia that will transform into a Halal, Safe and Healthy Culinary Zone (KHAS). For this reason, Kanpus made several transitions in partner selection to prioritize halal, safe and healthy criteria. The KHAS Zone is a sub-program of the Pilot Project by the National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance (KNEKS) chaired by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia.

The cleanliness of the location and the product processing process are the initial requirements needed in the partner selection process. Not only the level of cleanliness, there is also a halal product test certified by the Halal Task Force (Satgas) and administrative selection by ITS. Partners who rent a selling location in Kanpus must have a Business Identification Number (NIB) to ensure the legality of their business.

Moreover, ITS provides various healthy and affordable food choices for vegetarians all over the campus, including in Kanpus. Students, lecturers, and the university staff can choose any food. For example, vegetarians’ options are Juice and many kinds of Indonesian peanut sauce salad dishes (Gado-Gado, Pecel, Ketoprak, and others).

Layout of Food Tenants in the ITS Central Canteen (Kanpus)

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