Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Student Final Project Exhibitions at ITS

Providing public access to museums, exhibition spaces, galleries, and works of art on campus is a thriving and enriching project that expands a local cultural and educational reach. Campus may develop a stronger sense of community participation and a broader understanding and enjoyment of art, culture, and knowledge by opening public access to exhibitions. By providing public access, these areas develop a feeling of inclusivity and widespread cultural experiences by serving as a connector between the local and academic communities. This practice not only adds to the cultural artwork of the surrounding area, but it also reinforces the idea that the arts and education are valuable resources that should be embraced and cherished by everyone.

ITS has a number of specific facilities that serve as exhibition spaces. ITS also hosts final project exhibitions in several departments. The exhibition is organized by the Architecture Department, Product Design Department, Interior Design Department, and Visual Communication Design (DKV) Department. The International Final Project Competition (KTAI) is a regular exhibition held by the Architecture Department. The purpose of KTAI is to increase the exposure of architecture students’ final project to the wider community. Participants include students from the ITS Architecture Department as well as students from across the country, including India, Japan, and China. The Department of Architecture ITS believes that the study of architecture not only studies building design processes, but also other scientific clusters. Participants are required to make posters and mockups of buildings. KTAI was also formed as a final project competition.

KTAI Department of Architecture ITS

The Product Design Department created a final project exhibition to display a product that students make, to meet human needs in activities, ranging from apparel, medical devices, transportation, homeware, and many other products.

Final Project Exhibition by Department of Product Design ITS

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