Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs Education at ITS

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is committed to providing meaningful education that is relevant to the needs of today’s society and can be applied as a solution to problems using the SDGs as the parameter. This commitment is manifested in several courses offered to the students and the community outside the campus. A compulsory course titled Insights and Application Technology (IAT), a mandatory course for senior students, introduces the necessity implementing SDGs in problem solving. An elective class for students who are interested in understanding more is also provided entitled Sustainable Development course. Accessible for ITS students, lecturers, researchers, NGOs, community outside campus, and offered for international partners is a series of guest lecture entitled Guest Lecture Series on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), open in spring and fall. Incidental workshops and training are also offered by SDGs Center of Study, offered for targeted communities and villages to develop SDGs education, literacy, and aiming for independence and adaptive management.

Insight and Application of Technology (IAT) Course


ITS manifests the university commitment to a meaningful education around SDGs by providing Insight and Application of Technology (IAT) or Wastek, a technology, innovation, and SDGs-based, general course which prepares students to develop critical and systematic thinking to solve problems that exist in society. This course is mandatory and designed for senior students of all majors. Towards the end of the lecture, students will design a meaningful, community service proposal that is relevant to their fields.

Sustainable Development Course (Elective; Urban and Regional Planning)


One of the SDGs courses provided by ITS is Sustainable Development, an elective course aiming at providing students with skills in sustainable resource management (3 pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental). in the context of Urban and Regional Planning, the course allows students to get updated on the key issues of sustainable development, know how to use the tools to measure sustainable development, understanding sustainable development related to clean water, food agriculture, and carrying capacity and its integration in the context of cities, regions, and coastal area.

Guest Lecture Series in Sustainable Development Goals (GLS on SDGs)

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as a leading university in the field of science and technology in Indonesia is committed toward the development of engineering and science and also the achievement of United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This program, running twice a year in spring and fall since 2020, serves as a platform for global academicians, researchers, professors, as well as NGOs to update knowledge, share insights and innovation in the implementation of the principles of SDGs to solve problem in the society.

Integrated to ITS department-based elective courses for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate level, GLS on SDGs is also open for public to participate. 

ITS Center for SDGs: Elevating Exposures, Networking, and Education and Training for 2021 Community Service

ITS Center of studies for SDGs was established in 2020 as a breakthrough to boost ITS contribution in giving back to the community trough community service and to support Indonesian government in achieving SDGs. One of the agenda for the ITS Center for SDGs includes giving exposures, education, training, product dissemination aiming on village sustainability and independence.

ITS Center for SDGs collaborates with TV Desa to Provide SDGs Learning Sources 

One of ITS SDGs Center of Study’s flagship programs is village empowerment to raise the awareness of SDGs literacy and building village autonomy. Along with TV Desa Youtube channel, ITS SDGs Center of Study collaborates in holding webinars which become the source of independent learning for the villages and local community.

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