Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs Movement at ITS!

Universities play a pivotal role in advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), acting as catalysts for positive change through education, research, and community engagement. By integrating sustainability into curricula, fostering innovative research that addresses global challenges, and cultivating partnerships that extend beyond academia, universities are uniquely positioned to drive progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future. Through these efforts, higher education institutions not only prepare the next generation of leaders but also contribute directly to the achievement of SDGs, ensuring that their impact resonates both locally and globally. ITS is one of higher education institutions in Indonesia that supports SDGs with these following programs:


  1. SDGs Festival (Nov – Dec 2024) aims to bridge global partners and ITS Faculty Members to open potential collaborations. SDGs Festival will connect you to ITS’ Research and Study Centers to discuss cooperative research in a specific topic related to SDGs. In SDGs Festival, you will also be invited to deliver training or workshop for ITS Young Lecturers and ITS Researchers on SDGs principles and latest updates in a series of webinar.
  2. SDGs Hub (Fall 2024) is an innovative movement to broaden students’ knowledge on SDGs through various activities, such as connecting classrooms, student-based projects and discussion, and integrated social media campaign.
  3. Open House on ITS’ SDGs Achievements (Nov 2024), ITS commits to broaden its impact by showcasing ITS’ achievement on SDGs. This event will include virtual tour of ITS’ SDGs innovation, ITS’ SDGs based facilities and improvements, discussion and webinar, and even an on-site visit.
  4. Short programs focusing on SDGs (Jan-Feb 2025 & July-Aug 2025). After 13 years, ITS’ flagship short course, Community and Technology (CommTECH), will bring a new spirit of SDGs next year. CommTECH on SDGs will gather academician around the world to learn and work on project on SDGs’ related issues.
  5. Sister Villages on SDGs (2025) aims to empower villages to achieve SDGs. ITS invites global partners to collaborate in choosing a particular village as the focus of SDGs implementation project. Then, by various activities, such as webinar, innovation, and cooperative community outreach and real on-site projects, global partners will work together with ITS to develop the chosen village to improve the SDGs implementation in that village.

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