Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Insights and Applications of Technology (IAT)

To manifest university commitment to a meaningful education around SDGs and students’ competence in applying knowledge and technology for solution of local problems, ITS provides Insight and Application of Technology (IAT) or Wastek, a compulsory, general course which prepares students to develop insight into science, technology, innovation, and its application.

During this integrated education course, students are encouraged to develop information transformation based thinking and  systemic, constructive thinking using logical framework (logframe) to solve problems in the local community. During the development of the ideas, students are required to implement the principles of sustainable development along with the implementation of information technology and communication, and the local wisedom. 

Towards the end of the lecture, students will design a meaningful, community service proposal that is relevant to their fields or a student creativity research proposal called PKM (Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa).

Further information on the syllabus of IAT can be accessed in the page of the Directory of Education and ITS implementing departments. Here are some examples.