Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

Free Drinking Water Provision at ITS

The provision of free drinking fountains provides a beneficial and long-term alternative to single-use plastic bottles, decreasing waste and environmental effect. The provision of free drinking water facilities reflects ITS’s dedication to inclusivity, as it accommodates individuals who may not be able to afford bottled water. Overall, the availability of free drinking fountains on campus promotes a healthier and more environmentally conscious environment, which aligns with ITS’s commitment to achieving SDGs.

The Keran Air Siap Minum (KASM) is a free drinking fountain provided by ITS. KASM ITS is available both inside and outside of ITS buildings. KASM ITS is available on campus at many locations, namely the ITS Manarul Ilmi Mosque, in front of the Plaza Angka parking lot, as well as the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Material and Metallurgical Engineering. Ready-to-drink water is currently offered for free in the Rectorate Building. ITS also has its own installation, which is where KASM ITS is produced.

KASM ITS Outside Building

KASM ITS Inside Building

KASM ITS Installation

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