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    The laboratory has 3 main functions, namely as lab teaching (supporting the learning process and practicum), as a research center for students, lecturers and research groups as well as a service center for the community.

    Based on the Decree of the Chancellor of ITS Number 19 / IT2 / HK.00.01 / 2018 concerning the establishment of laboratories within the ITS, the Faculty of Electrical Technology has a laboratory:


    Department of Electrical Engineering

    1. Lab. Research on Power System Measurement and Identification Instruments (1965)
    2. Lab. Electric Power Conversion Research (1965)
    3. Lab. Systems and Cybernetics Research (1972)
    4. Lab. Research on Electric Power System Simulation (1972)
    5. Lab. High Voltage Research (1972)
    6. Lab. Multimedia Communication Research (1972)
    7. Lab. Smart Electronics Research (1972), Chair: Ir. Tasripan, MT.
    8. Lab. Research in Microelectronics and Embedded Systems (1965)
    9. Lab. Industrial Electronics Research (1972)
    10. Lab. Regulatory Engineering Research (1965)
    11. Lab. Telecommunications Network Research (1972)
    12. Lab. Antenna Research and Propagation (1965)
    13. Lab. Research in Industrial Automation and Informatics (1972)


    Computer Engineering Department

    1. Lab. Telematics Research (2012)
    2. Lab. Digital Signal Processing Research (2012)
    3. Lab. Multimedia Computing Research (2012)


    Department of Biomedical Engineering

    1. Lab. Biomedical Signal Processing and Instrumentation Research (Proposed in 2019),

    Chair: Rachmad Setiawan, ST, MT

    1. Lab. Biocybernetics Research (Proposed in 2019), Chair: Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Nuh, DEA