Civil, Environmental, and Geo Engineering

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Faculty of Civil Engineering, Environment and Earth (FTSLK), which was formerly a part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning has expertise in various fields that support the sustainability of national development and environmentally sound development. The faculty is officially established in 2017 under the Rule Rule number 10 of 2016 on the Organization and Administration of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology.

In accordance with the target of ITS, FTSLK has a target to become a container of an internationally reputable department to realize the word class university and contribute to national development. For the international reputation of FTSLK cooperates in academic and research field with various overseas universities and international research institutes. In the national contribution of FTSLK together with the existing departments play a role in improving the image of Indonesia in fostering outstanding students at regional and international levels, producing graduates who are competent in their fields and producing works that contribute to national scale development.


  • OJK Mengajar

    The introduction of OJK and the service sector and collaborative discussion on the development and utilization of Big Data

    29 Apr 2019
  • Studi Banding dan Raker Fakultas Vokasi ITS 2018

    Program Pendidikan Vokasi UI yang dibentuk pada tahun 2008 ini sudah mampu membuat gedung sendiri senilai 47 milliar sebagai

    22 Apr 2019



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