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Department of Development Studies, Faculty of Business and Technology Management, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is a program study that specifically examines about human and community development by integration of social science, humanities and technology approach. A development perspective is not only about economic growth but also the whole humanization process to achieve social prosperity and take care of environmental sustainability.This department has 12 lectures with education background 2 professors, 6 doctoral and 4 masters. Students will get a curriculum based on competencies and expecting to be a qualified graduate. The specialization of this program divided to development of environmental and resources sustainability, globalization and economic development, development of regional potential and tourism, and maritime-minded development. The ability that will be taught to students is, to understand, analyze, and apply theory and issues about human and community development, planning and implementing community development, and corporate social responsibility, development impact assessment, and able to develop entrepreneurship and maritime development.Graduates group of this department are educational, practitioners and entrepreneur. The opportunities include being a researcher, observer of development issues, development analysis and planner, technology impact assessment experts, maritime development experts, leader and assistant of development programs, consultant, social workers, expert of comdev, Corporate Social Responsibility experts, and sociopreneurship.

Undergraduate programsThis program that specifically examines about human and community development by integration of social science, humanities and technology approach.

The research was developed based on five main areas of study: Resource Management, Environment, and Tourism; Globalization, Macroeconomics and Community Empowerment; Technology, Social Change and Corporate Social Responsibility; Development of Regional Potential and Entrepreneurship; and Maritime Culture Development.

This program will open collaboration with all development stakeholders including government, the private sector, international institutions, NGOs, and community. Research and academic development of this department will have a collaboration with Development Studies The University of New Castle Australia. Research and academic collaboration in ITS also done with Statistics Department, Marine Department, Urban Planning Department, and Research center of regional potential and community empowerment DRPM ITS.

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