Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) has just added a teacher’s assessment by affirming professors in the field of pure chemistry. He is Prof. Dr. Fahimah Martak M.Si.

Lecturer in the Chemistry Department of the Faculty of Science succeeded in carrying out research that provided new hope for cancer researchers in Indonesia. The results of the research were carried out as a professor at Graha Sepuluh November ITS Surabaya, Wednesday (05/16/2018). In addition to carrying out the theme of technology, it also makes complex complexes for anticancer.

According to Prof. Fahimah, his research succeeded in developing complex materials and anticancer materials. “These complex compounds will be useful in the industrial and pharmaceutical fields,” he said. Complex compounds are chemical compounds formed between ligand compounds and metal ions. Complex compounds with the N-(alylcarbamotioil) compound ligand benzamide complete the structure by adding 12 different subtituents to the benzene composition. This difference in substance activates complex compounds as anticancer substances.

“In making modifications, each substituent is carried out based on the lipophilic, electronic and steric properties of the ligand composition,” Fahimah explained. It is said, research on complex composition still uses different Ligands. This ligand regulates its structure so that it has an active role in killing cell types of Colorectal Human cancer (HCT 116).
“In addition to ligands, metal ions are also important in the complex composition that I examine. From the results of MY research, Koblat metal ions turned out to be better for fighting cancer cells, “he explained.

He has also developed this anticancer compass with a team from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University (Unair). “Chemists have never worked but collaborated with experts in related fields, such as electrical engineering and pharmaceutical science,” said the lecturer born in Surabaya, July 3, 1966.
In combined results, it converts the complex into smart materials and from the properties of materials that can be used as the basis for making sensors and computer memory.

“Used if a normal computer suddenly dies when used, then the stored data will be lost. Meanwhile, the complex that is applied in the memory system, can save data automatically for longer, even though the computer is in a state of sudden death.