Business Statistics

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Business Statistics Department offers a Diploma 3 program study that has A accreditation. This department now open to having a collaboration with business and industry world for support link and match strategy between vocational education and development of work.

Department’s learning process support by lectures competencies which have a minimum educational background as a master and expertise in accordance with the curriculum. Some of the lectures become a member of one or more professional associations, such as American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Statistical Institute, Operational Research Society of America, Australian Statistical Society, Royal Statistical Society, dan Ikatan Statistika Indonesia.

Business statistic’s curriculum focuses on statistics application in business dan industry. Students are being prepared to be a qualified expertise in applied statistics, industry, business, social and government. Students will learn about business forecasting, econometric modeling, market research, social statistics and quality management. This department also has a lot of collaboration with the public and private company to support learning process through research, curriculum development, internship and a final project.

Now, this department covers a diploma 3 program study since 1981 and reach 1500 alumni that success in their career in various government and private institution.

Vocational Degree – Diploma III

This department will be finished for three (3) years and offer a focus on industrial.

The research program in this department focus on the development of business analysis, quality engineering, and productivity in industry. One of research product from this department team as statistics application that can be a solution and innovation in industrial

Business Statistic Department collaboration with various industry and statistics professional organization will continue to develop and increase quality and competency of graduates, which ready to work.

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Standardization of Industry as a source of qualified alumni

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