Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Develop A Professional and Expert Computer Engineer

Computer engineering is a discipline that embodies science and technology from designing, building, implementing, and maintaining software and hardware from modern computing systems, computer-controlled equipment, and intelligent network devices. This science integrates electrical engineering and computer science. In the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) Computer Engineering Department, students are trained to solve problems around using a computer approach. The specialization in this department is telematics, game technology (game technology), real-time systems, and network engineering.The Department of Computer Engineering ITS has 18 permanent teaching staff. Consisting of one person with a professor title, seven with doctoral degrees, and the rest holding a master’s degree. The lecturers developed the latest research to answer the problems of the computer approach. Among the excellent studies possessed by lecturers were creating the Gatoel game (totoel gamelan). This game allows gamelan as a traditional Indonesian musical instrument, can be enjoyed virtually. In addition, there is also research on augmented reality that is applied in the world of education, industry, and culture. In 2017, one of the Computer Engineering lecturers also became the lecturer with the most scientific publications indexed by Scopus in ITS and was in the top five in Indonesia.Computer Engineering is one of the departments with the lowest acceptance rate at ITS. On average, only 5 percent of students are accepted in this department every year. Students of the Computer Engineering Department also take part in making the name of ITS in national and international level. Among them were involved as researchers and won third place in the Indonesian Football Robot Contest, the winner of the Indonesian Art Robot Contest, and the winner of the SNMPTN server hacking competition. In the international arena, Computer Department students also played a role in the victory of ITS Ichiro Robot Team in the prestigious competition of the International Robot-Soccer Association Humanoid Robot Cup (FIRA Hurocup) in Beijing, China in 2016.Computer-related jobs are increasingly developing in the era of the internet of things. Various innovative ideas to help facilitate humans and solve complex problems are emerging. The mushrooming of startups engaged in information technology has become a promising career field for computer engineering graduates. The Department has extensive career prospects, ranging from being a software developer, analyst, IT consultant, network expert, a robotic engineer, to system security.

Undergraduate Program                                                                                           Students of this program will receive the same courses in the first year, while the second year through the fourth year of the student will be focused on the subject matter of the chosen field of interest.  Computer Engineering Department has four area of interest, i.e :

  1.   Telematics, this interest focus on signal, picture and video processing.
  2.   Games Technology, this interest focus on games technology and its application
  3.   Real-Time System, this interest focus on real-time system and its application
  4.   Network Engineering, this interest focus on network technology and internet

Research program support by laboratories, i.e:

  1. Telematics Laboratory, have research topic about Games and its application development, Embedded  System and Mobile Development, Network and Security Development, Multimedia Development.
  2. Digital Signal Process Laboratory
  3. Multimedia Computation Laboratory

Computer Engineering Department has a collaboration with industries, i.e PT. Telkom Indonesia, Kampung Animasi Malang, PT. Duta Data, Parahita dan PT Solusi 24/7 serta pemerintahan seperti SEAMOLEC, BPPTP Malang and Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Indonesia.

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