Regional and Urban Planning

Regional and Urban Planning

Integrated and Innovative in Area and City Planning

Embrio Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) is a Laboratory of Planning and Design City of ITS Architecture Department, which is one of the laboratories in the Department of Architecture ITS. The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PWK) ITS was established in 2001 by opening the first student admissions in 2002. PWK ITS has been accredited A by BAN-PT in 2015 and is currently proceeding to Asean University Network (AUN) certification.

Currently, PWK ITS has lecturers as many as 23 lecturers, with 4 doctoral, 14 master and 5 bachelor degree. The curriculum offered at PWK ITS is focused on the planning of the region, city, and coastal areas with a series of supporting and elective courses. Through teaching, studio and research activities, students are facilitated to achieve certain abilities and apply them in the field of regional, municipal and coastal area planning. There are also English classes for several courses held in each semester.

Students of PWK ITS will learn about the population, environment, political condition, to the social condition of the population. In the lecture period, students can choose scholarship according to their interests and talents, including regional and city economics, risk and disaster management, ecological capacity, urban climate change, urban design, spatial modeling, geographic information system / GIS, transportation planning and management, planning, participatory planning and community development.

The number of alumni that has been produced by PWK ITS is 636 graduates and spread in various fields of work. The types of work that PWK ITS graduates can obtain include planners and managers in the public sector, both government agencies, developers, consultants, research institutions, and community organizations.

Undergraduate Program

This program will provide courses about regional and urban planning in accordance to the curriculum of 2018 – 2023 for undergraduate program (Bachelor Degree) of Regional and Urban Planning which is divided into two parts, namely the preparatory and undergraduate courses.


International Undergraduate Program

The International Undergraduate Program (also known as IUP) is a bachelor program which implements English as the language of instruction. The program offers regular undergraduate curriculum and provides opportunities for students to take part in international activities in the form of Study excursion, Internship in an international or multinational company, Student exchange, Summer/short course, and Joint degree.

Department of Regional and Urban Planning has their research focuses on the subjects such as Urban Ecology, Urban Sociology, Land-Use Planning, Urban Economics, Urban Form, and Heritage Planning.

There are three main laboratories in this department with each of its specialized field. The first laboratory focuses on Computing and Analysis of Spatial Planning. The second laboratory focuses on Regional, Coastal and Environmental Development. The third laboratory focuses on Urban Development and Design.

The department has collaborated with many institutions and local government in charge of developmental planning.

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