To Build Nation's Future Infrastructures

Department of Architecture Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) prepares students who are ready to design the best infrastructure for the development of Indonesia. This department is a place for prospective students who want to become experts or professionals in the field of architecture and building construction and to pursue a higher degree. Graduates of this department are trained to have good skills in researching, reviewing, and resolving architectural issues as well as to develop a professional attitude at work. Later on, students can choose a more focused course of interest according to their talents and abilities. Some topics from the specialized courses are Housing and Settlement; Theory, History, and Criticism of Architecture; Urban Design; Environmental; Urban Development Management, Developmental Studies, Architecture Design; and Architecture Profession Education (PPArs).

This departmen has obtained an A accreditation from the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT). For thirty nine years, this department has been supported by more than qualified lectures who are ready to train the nation’s best architect candidates.

Through a series of admission test, most Architecture ITS students come from various cities, even countries, who are passionate to learn and strive for more. Until now, many design competitions and other achievements have been won by our students. During class, they are honed to have a capable ability both in term of research and practice.

Many alumnis of this department work at big companies in Indonesia to help improving the nation’s development and infrastructure.

Undergraduate Program

This program will provide courses about architecture in accordance to the curriculum of 2018 – 2023 for undergraduate program (Bachelor Degree) of Architecture which is divided into two parts, namely the preparatory and undergraduate courses.


Master Program

This program produces graduates with the ability to evolve science, technology and arts in the field of Architecture, especially Housing and Settlements, Tropical Architecture, and Archipelago; to solve problems in each area of expertise; and to develop professional performance through research and other academic activities. The program offers five areas of expertise, namely Urban and Environmental Settlements, Architecture Design and Criticism, Urban Design, Environmental, Urban Development Management.


Doctoral Program

This program produces graduates with the ability to develop new science, technology, and/or art concepts and theories in the field of architecture, especially Housing and Settlements, Tropical Architecture, and Archipelago, through research; to manage, lead, and develop research programs; as well as to apply an interdisciplinary approach in working in the areas of expertise. The Program offers several areas of expertise, namely Housing and Settlements, Landscape, and Environmental.

In the research field, one of the department’s mission is to conduct and develop the science, technology, and design especially in the field of Tropical Architecture which has its advantages over solving the environmental, cultural, and humanitarian problems with international quality.

We are supported by laboratory facilities that are divided according to its field of competence.

The department has done many collaborations with various institution such as Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI), University of Technology Netherlands, Dept. of Planning School of Public Affairs, UCLA, etc.

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