Mathematics is the basic science for natural scientists, engineers, and social scientists to build an understanding of the world and create tools to improve the well-being of mankind. In the Mathematics Department of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), education and research activities directed from pure mathematics to its application to various fields. There are five areas of interest such as computer science, modeling, and system simulation, operations research and data processing, computational mathematics, as well as analysis, algebra, and mathematics learning.

Supported by lectures with diverse backgrounds of expertise, to guide its students, in addition to teaching students and doing research, This department is also believed to guide students in East Java prepared to compete in the National Science Olympiad (OSN).

Students also has been active in various national and international mathematics competitions. One of the students has twice won a bronze medal in the International Mathematics Competition for University Student (IMC), an annual competition held in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Students of is also actively involved in social activities , one of its flagship programs is the ITS Mathematics Olympiad (OMITS), which became one of the most prestigious competitions for elementary, junior and senior high school students in Indonesia.

Graduates of Mathematics Department is doing well in the academic, public, and private sectors. Some areas that become career fields for alumni include industry, information and communication technology, research, insurance, banking, and education. Graduates also had the opportunity to continue their education. One of the alumnus successfully received continuing doctoral program at University of Oxford with the scholarship of Lembaga Dana Dana Pendidikan (LPDP).

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program aims to provide high-quality learning opportunities for students to improve their ability, motivation and learning behavior and high work ethic. Students will be given an understanding and development of basic mathematics, which is divided into three subjects i.e analysis and algebra, applied mathematics (system modeling and simulation, optimization problems, data processing) and computer science (computational science and information systems).

Master Program

This program will give students the understanding and development of basic mathematics, which is divided into three clumps of subjects namely analysis and algebra, applied mathematics (system modeling and simulation, optimization problems, data processing) and computer science (computation science and information system). Students are expected to be able to follow and develop mathematical theories, apply theories in real problems, build and develop software in accordance with the basic science.

Doctoral Program

Doctoral Study Program focuses on the development of applied mathematics supported by strong analytical and algebraic along with computational skills. Based on human resources (4 professors and 13 doctors) who are competent, which is shown from the track record of research and publication. Some fields of specialization research include computational fluid dynamics, optimum control and estimation, max-plus algebra, biological mathematics, data assimilation, bioinformatics, and image/video analysis.

One mission is to disseminate the results of mathematical research as an alternative to solving problems in society, the mission is realized through research, publications and community service. Research and publications have been conducted at the national and international levels. Community service is undertaken at the national level through training, learning, software development, science, and technology development to help communities, institutions, and industries improve their performance. Supporting facilities for research, publication and community service activities, and also provides a laboratory consisting of Computer Science Laboratory, Modeling and Simulation System Laboratory, Laboratory of Operations Research and Data Processing, Mathematics Computation Laboratory, Analytical Laboratory, Algebra, and Mathematics Learning.

Development of collaboration to the international world about science-based mathematics and technology became one of the missions which the  embodiment of this mission is done through collaboration with national and international institutions. In preparing the student’s curriculum, improving facilities and infrastructure, training for lecturers, lecturers for further study, This department is also in collaboration with Faculty of Mathematics Engineering and Informatics, Delft University of Technology (DUT) the Netherlands. This department also cooperates in the form of community service with batik craftsmen, SMAN 2 Lamongan, Educational Institutions Banyuwangi District, Ponorogo District Health Center, Teachers in Lamongan District, Tofu Industry, Mushroom Industry, Teachers in Lumajang, Lamongan and Surabaya districts, PT. Pindad.

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