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Indonesia is an archipelago country in the world with the second longest coastline after Canada. With water, area reaches 2/3 of the entire region, the role of the marine transport sector to be very strategic and vital for Indonesia not only from the economic aspect but also from the aspect of ideological, political, social and cultural as well as defense and security.The big role of the marine transportation sector also demanding human resources who have high competence in marine transportation. One way to improve the quality of Human Resources is to explore the education sector.See the condition, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) as one of the largest technology institutes in Indonesia and become the center of maritime technology development, provides Marine Transportation Engineering Department which response to challenges in marine transportation development that focus on logistic maritime, shipping and port.

Undergraduate Program Students will get theories of natural science and mathematics, economic theory and management, shipbuilding and design theory, port planning, optimization theory and network planning, ship fleet planning theory, and insight into the latest technological developments in marine transportation engineering. Final Project in Maritime Transportation Department is categorized by field of Shipping, Port, and Maritime Logistics.Master Program This program is still being held by Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering Department which is the parent of the marine engineering department.

In research, marine transportation engineering department focuses on shipping, port, and maritime logistics. Research product that can be implemented is istow and voyage estimator conducted by Dr.-Ing. Setyo Nugroho and Tim and in cooperation with PT Samudera Shipping Services – Jakarta, a subsidiary of PT Samudera Indonesia Group. Laboratory facilities are also provided for research programs that are divided into:

  1. Computation and Operation Research: This laboratory become The Research of Excellent Information and Communication Technology to support learning based-computation.
  2. Marine Transportation and Logistic: This laboratory becomes educational and research to develop marine transportation and maritime logistic.
  3. Telematics Marine Transportation: A laboratory with an international reputation in telematics marine transportation.
  4. Infrastructure and Port: The Center Laboratory of Port Education

Marine Transportation Engineering Department has a collaboration with PT. Samudera Shipping Services, PT. PLN (Persero), PT. Pertamina (Persero) Refinery Unit II Dumai, Ministry of Trade. Collaboration is done through by education and research in the field of shipping, port, and maritime logistics.

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