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Marine Engineering Department develops professional who will have the capability in design installation, managerial, maintenance, and repair of coastal and offshore infrastructure. Students will learn and guided by 31 lectures which divided into eleven doctoral, three professors and lectures from Wismar University, Germany for the double degree program. Not only presented to the theory, students also learn to solve real problems in industry and society, this is done through an internship which is required for all Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) students.This department is supported by five laboratories which become The centers of research activities for students and lecturers. Outside the classroom, students will also learn and mingle in the environment with a passion for work. No less innovation and achievements are carved by student initiative, such as marine solar boat, solar ship innovation since 2012 and have been followed in the competition both nationally and internationally. This Department has also established cooperation and gained recognition from the International Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST) and the Royal Institute of Naval Architect (RINA). Since 2011, this department has also been working with Wismar University, Germany to hold a double degree in Marine Engineering program.With many views of ITS with global projects and programs, marine engineering students are also enthusiastic in the maritime field. Not a few marine engineering students who became delegates even won an international competition. For example the Jalapatih and Barunastra teams that have departed to Monaco and the United States. Not too skeptically marine engineering students who are involved in various coastal community development efforts through student organizations and the competition.This resulted in the alumni of this department being recognized both nationally and internationally in the maritime field. Currently, the alumni are spread throughout Indonesia and abroad with work in Shipyard / Offshores, maritime industries, Shipping Company, Oil and Gas, Class Society, and other similar fields.

Undergraduate Program Marine Engineering Department Students will get the ability in the design of installation and managerial skills in the problems of maintenance/repair for various systems installation of machinery, piping, electrical, navigation, automation either ship or offshore building.Undergraduate Double Degree Program The undergraduate double degree program in Marine Engineering Department is a collaboration with Hochschule Wismar University – Germany and Semarang Growth Center (SGC). This program will be fully held at ITS and have to be completed within eight semesters, with lectures from ITS and Hochschule Wismar University – Germany and Semarang Growth Center (SGC). For students who want learns directly to Hochschule Wismar University – Germany and Semarang Growth Center (SGC), can continue for the last two semesters which arranged later. Graduates will get Bachelor of Engineering (S.T.) degree from ITS and Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) from Hochschule Wismar University – Germany.Master Program The curriculum in this program expertise to propulsion, reliability, maintenance, machinery, electrical, fluid and piping systems and design of manufacturing systems on ships, marine buildings, to marine and fisheries.Doctoral Program Marine Engineering Department doctoral program is the one and the only program that offers a postgraduate program that related to marine development theories, conceptions, science ideas, producing science research. This program also specialized their curriculum into the development of marine engineering systems.

Research in Marine Engineering Department, focused on : Marine Power Plant (MPP), Marine Machinery and System (MMS), Marine Manufacture and Design (MMD), Marine Electrical and Automation System (MEAS), Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS), Marine Operation and Maintenance (MOM), Marine Pipeline System.

Marine Engineering Department has a collaboration with the various institution, companies, and government, either for technology development programs, internships, graduate placement or further study. The Department also has a Double Degree collaboration for Bachelor Degree (S1) program in “Marine Engineering” with Wismar University of Technology – Germany.

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