Vision, Mission, and Goals

VisionBecoming Faculty of Information and Communication Technology – ITS is internationally reputable in 2020 in the field of education, research, and application of information technology,  able to prepare qualified human resources, as well as can follow the acceleration of information technology development.Mission

  1. Uphold the moral and ethics in the implementation of Tri Dharma college.
  2. Strengthening the implementation of undergraduate and postgraduate education programs, as well as other educational programs conducted by Faculty of Information and Communication Technology – ITS.
  3. Strengthening the capability of the implementation of research activities and dissemination of research results as well as appropriate technology packages useful to improve the quality of life of the community.
  4. Strengthening cooperation with outsiders and enhancing competitiveness with competitors.


  1. Strive for the creation of an efficient, effective and sustainable faculty management system.
  2. Provide the widest opportunity for students as the main stakeholders to actively participate in all faculty activities.
  3. Equip graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values ​​needed to continue their studies or participate actively in society.
  4. Improving the quality of the teaching-learning process in the faculty environment by facilitating academic staff to apply new and innovative teaching and learning process methods.
  5. Creating an environment that enables academic staff to carry out research activities with national and international quality standards.Increase continuous collaboration between faculties and external parties.

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