Visi and Mission

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    Visi and Mission


    Organizing efficient higher education to produce international standard graduates, carrying out research and development on technology and art sciences as well as implementing innovative activities and technology transfer for human benefit, fostering capacity as source institutions and networks for expanding education and research activities, fostering and maintaining academic morals , ethics and religion for the development of human civilization, carrying out management of Higher Education based on economic principles and accountability.


    from the ITS Vision and Mission, the Faculty of Industrial Technology derives it to:


    ITS Faculty of Industrial Technology as a faculty with an international reputation in the development of industrial science and technology.



    Coordinating, fostering and encouraging faculty elements in the implementation of education, research and community empowerment with sustainable international quality, to improve national competitiveness by upholding academic ethics and morals.

    On November 10, 1957, the Technical Higher Education Foundation (YPTT) chaired by Dr. Nitisastro’s figure established “ENGINEERING EDUCATION IN 10 NOPEMBER SURABAYA” which was established by President Soekarno. Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya Institute of Technology abbreviated as ITS was established based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Teaching No. 93367 / U.U dated November 3, 1960 and updated with Ministerial Decree P & K No. 101250 / U.U dated December 3, 1960 which was the realization of the status of the Technical College of November 10, November 10, 1957.


    1. Making the education system and teaching on all faculties elements equal to international standards.
    2. Providing graduates who have the skills, knowledge, practical abilities so that they have the competence and confidence to compete in the global market and have good morals and ethics.
    3. Having research results, through faculty elements, which can be patented and applied in real terms in the industrial world.
    4. Produce national and international publications.
    5. Providing technical consultations and training in industry and society, in order to be able to solve technical problems.
    6. Having a network of cooperation at national and international levels.


    1. Improving the performance of FTI-ITS in order to operate as an educational organization in a healthy, quality, efficient, productive and accountable manner by applying Management concepts.
    2. Improving the quality of human resources in the fields of management, education, research and community empowerment through training, workshops and further education.
    3. Promoting FTI-ITS to be better known nationally and internationally because of its excellence as an institution that organizes quality education, research and community empowerment through National and International publications.
    4. Develop networking and cooperation at national and international levels through the media of Information Technology, alumni and industrial relations.